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FiiO All Set to Unveil JD7 IEMs on AliExpress

While many general consumers might not be familiar with FiiO, it is a well-known brand among people working in the music industry. They make some great earphones or IEMs(In-Ear Monitors), as they like to call them. The exciting news is that FiiO will unveil their new IEMs: the JD7 earphones. The launch is all set to take place on AliExpress during their 11.11 sale, and FiiO will be offering some great discounts on the new JD7 earphones. It may be the right time for you to get these new earphones.

FiiO JD7 Earphones


FiiO is all set to launch its latest IEM: the JD7, and it is good to discuss the design of these earphones first. So in terms of design, these follow the same design pattern as many other FiiO earphones. You get the earbuds in a metallic stainless steel finish. The buds on their own look quite premium.

These are wired earphones, so you also get a cable that attaches the earbuds and makes them functional. This cable is transparent and looks premium as well. However, the transparent kind of cable design might be offputting for a few. The earbuds on this thing are made of 316L stainless steel. So they are definitely going to be durable and robust. Their unique design will also make you stand out from the crowd.


Of course, the audio performance is one of the most important aspects of any earphone. So first, let’s discuss some basic specifications of these earphones, and then we will analyze how they perform.

So the new JD7 comes with all-new 10mm dynamic drivers. The drivers have internal and external magnetic circuit setups. Because of this, the magnetic flux density is enhanced significantly, and the driver pushes more air. So the sound quality you get here is next level.

A dual-layer housing secures the drivers on these earphones. All layers have a damping system that allows the driver to deliver a deeper bass. Another exciting thing about the new JD7 is its frequency response closely resembles the Harman curve (In-ear 2019). So most people are going to enjoy the audio quality delivered by the new JD7 earphones.

It is important to note that this is a robust earphone and can deliver HiFi audio, providing users with a premium listening experience.

Other Stuff

While the earphones are great if you just look at the specs on paper related to delivering audio, there are many areas where these earphones might not be a good fit for everyone.

That has everything to do with some of the basic features that are missing on these earphones. So you do not get ANC, now that might not be a deal breaker for everyone. But then you must understand that these earphones only work in wired mode. They are in-ear earphones with a semi-open earcups style.

These earphones do not have any controls, and there isn’t even a volume controller. So that is a bummer and can be a deal breaker for many people. Furthermore, the earphones do not have any IP rating and are definitely not waterproof. So you have to use them with caution.

The 11.11 Sale and Availability Details

FiiO will launch their new JD7 earphones via AliExpress, and the eCommerce platform has a big sale: 11.11 Sale starting on November 1. The new earphones from FiiO will also launch on November 1, so users will get up to 40% off on the new JD7 earphones on AliExpress. So if you are interested in getting the new FiiO JD7, definitely check out the AliExpress FiiO page to get a good discount.

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