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Beyerdynamic brings new Gaming Headsets: MMX 100 and MMX 150

Beyerdynamic brings the newest additions to its popular MMX series, introducing all-new gaming headsets – MMX 100 and MMX 150. The latest additions are perfect companions for gamers to experience rich and immersive audio.

The audio specialist has further added innovative features and brought the plug-and-play comfort of the headset to gamers. Combining wearing comfort with dedicated audio quality, Beyerdynamic introduces the new iconic META VOICE, building the perfect Meta Pick for gamers out there!

The Meta Pick enables gamers to play strategically, being the champion in gameplay companionship. The best driver systems of Beyerdynamic bring premium sound quality, presenting the best Meta Pick for your ears, given to their decades of experience as an audio specialist and their passion for gaming.

An all-new era of Gaming Headsets

With the newest additions to the MMX series, Beyerdynamic brings a whole new era of gaming. MMX 100 comes as an analog gaming headset, offering exceptional sound to players preferring console gameplay and allowing the direct headset to connect to the controller. The headset brings compatibility with every platform equipped with analog output- 4-pole and 2×3-pole 3.5mm jack plugs.

On the other hand, the MMX 150 is presented as a digital USB gaming headset, contrary to MMX 100, integrating sound cards and adapted features offering gamers an exceptional gaming experience.

beyerdynamic mmx 150
Beyerdynamic MMX 150

Beyerdynamic engineers have built the 40-mm driver systems especially for gaming, adding a high-resolution sound image, offering clear and immersive sound, audible in all genres, clear sound localization advantage in FPS gaming, and a more realistic RPGs feel with the sound image of more clarity.

The headphones are equipped with META VOICE cardioid condenser microphone – for a more natural voice transmission through a 9.9mm capsule, effectively suppressing the surrounding noise of mouse and keyboard clicks.

beyerdynamic mmx 100
Beyerdynamic MMX 100

The headset controls are located directly, exuding convenience for added ease in sound control. An additional and separate mute button is also present for directly muting the microphone.

MMX 150 packs a Light Guide System featuring visually apparent augmented modes and a mute button. Maintaining stability between the real and virtual world, MMX offers the Augmented Mode.

The surrounding noise can be detected efficiently and mixed into the playback signal to enhance interaction with the outside world without disrupting gaming.

Sophisticated design delivering enhanced wearing comfort

The signature aesthetics of Beyerdynamic have been truly represented in the design of MMX 100 and 150, delivering functionality with an enhanced gaming experience. With high-quality aluminum, the headband offers durability.

To further reduce pressure over the head, the headband is layered with synthetic leather with memory foam. Even the ear pads equip the leather and foam padding, guaranteeing long hours of wearing comfort.

The headsets are easy to wear and replace, owing to the bayonet mechanism. MMX 100 and MMX 150 are available in gray and black. The MMX 100 is available for purchase at EUR 99.00, while the MMX 150 retails at EUR 129.00.

The new headsets are available in the online Beyerdynamic store and at Amazon. However, the newest additions to the Beyerdynamic MMX series are available in selected counties and selected retail partners.

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