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Go Pro brings new GoPro Player + ReelSteady: Enhancing creativity tools

GoPro Player, the company’s proprietary video-editing software, just received a big revision that dramatically increases its functionality. While it was previously a valuable piece of software for users of GoPro’s Hero and Max cameras, it now includes additional functions and other important changes, thanks to the addition of GoPro’s ReelSteady software.

ReelSteady Go has long been a favorite of the FPV drone community, who use it to smooth down flight videos and add spectacular effects. In March 2020, GoPro announced the acquisition, pledging to incorporate the technology “across the GoPro App ecosystem to improve the cinematic output of your film.”

ReelSteady Go was formerly sold separately by GoPro. However, it has since been withdrawn and superseded by the Player + ReelSteady app.

Player + ReelSteady app- bringing new creative tools for filmmakers

GoPro Player + ReelSteady combines GoPro Player’s strong inventory of 360-focused tools with the strength of ReelSteady’s Emmy Award-winning stabilization.

Whether implementing ReelSteady stabilization to naturally unstable FPV video or swiftly resizing and uploading 360 MAX footage to broadcast on social media, conventional and 360 video creators should expect a seamless makeover of their work.

GoPro cameras already have amazing “HyperSmooth” stabilization built-in, but ReelSteady now gives that stabilization a big boost by harnessing the more powerful CPU capacity of a desktop or laptop computer. As part of this process, horizon leveling might be used.

Reelsteady offers two main distinctions from GoPro’s Hypersmooth stabilization: its cropping is configurable. It will crop more tightly in scenes with more movement for enhanced stabilization. It will use a broader view range when there isn’t much movement.

Second, Reelsteady doesn’t only look at a single frame’s gyro data. Instead, it examines a few seconds of video to determine the smoothest stabilization. Reelsteady, in comparison to Hypersmooth or any other stabilization program, can provide significantly more stable video.

A new lens correction ability to reduce wide-angle curvature has also been added, and a batch export feature allows users to queue several files for export.

These functions are in addition to those currently available in GoPro Player, such as viewing and reframing 360 focus on GoPro Max cameras. GoPro Player already has the option to grab a still frame from your footage during editing, which may be used to make compelling thumbnails for YouTube or to share cool moments.

You may modify the distortion in the new software to make it appear like a fisheye or rectilinear movie. With the new version, 360 video now has a wider range of creative options for making mind-bending still photographs from the spherical footage captured by such cameras.

GoPro Player + ReelSteady is built to be simple to use yet durable enough for professional use. Although Reelsteady cannot be used with GoPro MAX films, it improves GoPro MAX’s dynamic range. You may now batch several export films with Reelsteady stabilization using Player + Reelsteady.

HyperSmooth footage captured with GoPro cameras starting with the Hero8 is entirely compatible with ReelSteady. GoPro has produced a strong software suite for action cameras and 360 video aficionados by merging GoPro Player and ReelSteady.

GoPro Player + ReelSteady is a $99 upgrade to the GoPro Player app, which runs on Windows and macOS. It’s available on both the Windows Store and the Mac App Store. GoPro Player + ReelSteady is available for free to existing ReelSteady GO users.

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