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Gigabyte powers up new G Series Laptops with 12th Gen Alder Lake

Gigabyte has revealed two new gaming laptops – G5 and G7 series, making the gaming laptop series more affordable for those looking for a laptop specifically designed for gaming. The duo was introduced in a press release featuring an Intel Core i5-12500H processor, a 512 GB PCIe Gen4 SSD & 16 GB of DDR4 RAM. Also included are NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series and MUX switch graphics card.

Create New Possibilities

The GIGABYTE Gaming Laptop combines cutting-edge gaming components with next-generation powerful performance. The most recent laptops can be by your side while you switch between tasks, supporting combat and your daily life, with a tool for any task.

Due to their high-quality parts, which include powerful GPUs and ample storage, gigabyte laptops are the best for gamers and content producers. The fact that Gigabyte offers reasonably priced, high-quality items sets it apart from its rivals, which may be the brand’s most attractive attribute. And with the newest releases, Gigabyte has also lived up to its reputation.

The COVID-19 epidemic has significantly impacted societal attitudes, including their routines for working, learning, having fun, and other pursuits. Therefore, a laptop with great performance and portability is “a must” to support people’s new daily lifestyles.

Ultimately, this has initiated the development of GIGABYTE’s most recent multitasking gaming laptops. The two new gaming laptops from GIGABYTE have screens that are 15.6 & 17.3 inches in size, respectively. Both have a 144Hz refresh rate and FHD resolution.

The manufacturer claims to have cut the thickness and weight by 22% compared to earlier generations, with the G5 model weighing under 2 kg. The stylish laptop case surface, in contrast to earlier presentations, sports the current Mecha pattern to flaunt a distinct sense of style.

The G series laptops are built for more than just gaming and provide a great balance of leisure and professional skills, further making “multitasking.” Appeal to Gen Z gamers.

Play Your Way

The surround sound technology supported by the G series gaming laptops offers a superior audio experience and performance. The DTS: X Ultra delivers real 3D surround sound for everything from gaming to watching movies to conference calls, and voice communication is crystal clear with Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation, which takes the noise out of both incoming and outgoing audio.

The Core i5-12500H processor’s development has made it easier for users to purchase high-performance laptops. The laptops come with 12-core, 16 threads, and a 4.5GHz maximum clock rate to address telecommuting and virtual learning demands.

With the help of the exclusive WINDFORCE cooling technology, the laptops can continue to operate quietly and reliably, whether processing multimedia or playing high-demand games. This technology also enables the laptops to attain 100% CPU and GPU output.

With Wi-Fi 6, users get a real-time gaming experience with no lag, enabling them to win the game and be the last person standing. Wi-Fi 6 significantly lowers the latency brought on by busy connections.

The laptops also offer extensive video output ports and comprehensive I/O connections, which make it easier for users to multitask no matter where they are. ThunderboltTM 47, the next-generation high-speed transmission technology, provides a bandwidth of 40 Gbps, which is twice as fast as earlier generations.

The SSD slot supports high-speed PCle Gen4, which reduces the time required to read and copy any huge data. Outstanding multitasking abilities and powerful gaming performance are advantageous to users, and these laptops are developed to present users with fun gaming and combat daily life battles. However, the release date and price of Gigabyte’s G5 and G7 laptops are still unknown.

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