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Garmin Unveils LiveScope Plus System (Live-Scanning Sonar Lineup)

In the present scenario, Front sonar is the first-choice equipment in the fishing industry, and it’s no surprise. Recreational fishing saw a revolution that altered it forever, with the latest launch of Garmin.

The news was nothing but the press release of the advent of the Panoptix LiveScope, a live monitoring sonar that offers anglers better resolution. It became simple to interpret the pictures of structure, bait & movement of fish around the boat than ever before.

Thanks to Panoptix LiveScope’s dynamic scanning capabilities, the anglers were given such functionalities that they may observe visuals and movement so crisp and exact that they can even identify between species of fish.

Anyone who has had experience with it will agree that the forward-facing concept that Garmin has brought is a substantial improvement over traditional down scan and side-scan sonar, which were first offered over a decade ago.

For proper working, traditional sonar requires that the outboard engine move the boat. Spooking fish is has a fundamental danger with the hint of an engine or the shade of a passing boat overhead due to drones.

Forward-facing sonar is not the same as backward-facing sonar. It operates by attaching a particular transducer to the trolling motor or a separate pole. Anglers can also move silently as the transducer surveys the water column. In real-time, high-resolution imagery is relayed to the electronics screen.

The technology has many appeals. The key takeaway is that it can increase your spotting fish without revealing your identity. Another benefit is that it aids fishers in making exact bait presentations to fish and, more significantly, observing how they react to baits. To make every cast matter, you may even spot grass lines, waterways, brush piles, and other essential structures from a long distance.

To brighten the hopes further, Garmin this time is back again with LiveScope Plus System, the newest iteration to Garmin’s innovative live-scanning sonar series, with beautifully clear live scanning sonar returns and 35 percent greater target separation over the old system.

A revolutionary upgrade

garmin livescope plus system

LiveScope Plus transducer can detect and distinguish items as tiny as 14″ at a distance of 100 feet from the boat. Anglers now see what they need to see with enhanced image stitching, decreased noise, and fewer on-screen artifacts that obstruct the picture of fish and structure with wonderfully clear sonar returns — available in seven bright color selections.

Thanks to sensor arrays, anglers will see a stable sonar image even in rough conditions that allow LiveScope+ to alter the sonar beams to account for boat motion constantly. With only one attachment, the Perspective Mode Mount, the LiveScope Plus System provides three distinct vantage points – Forward, Down, and Perspective.

It can be readily modified to meet any angler’s fishing skills and preferences with no equipment necessary. Choose the LiveScope mode that best suits that fishing spot and the image on a connected Garmin chart plotter screen will adjust instantly.

A convenient GLSTM 10 black box with a LiveScope Plus LVS34 transducer, as well as a trolling motor barrel and shaft mounting kit, perspective mount bracket, and a simple plug-and-play Garmin Marine Network connector for quick setup and inclusion with a suitable chart plotter, are included in the LiveScope Plus System.

The LVS34 transducer (available separately) can be added to the existing LiveScope System black box with a simple software update for users who want to update. The LiveScope Plus System and the LiveScope Plus LVS34 transducer will be available soon for $1699.99 and $1199.99, respectively.

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