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Garmin unveils a brand-new smartwatch: Quatix 7 with added features

Garmin has launched the latest edition of its specialty smartwatch, the Quatix 7, for people who spend much time on the water. The Garmin Quatix 7 series, built exclusively for boating, has been added to Garmin’s watersports series.

The Quatix 7 – Solar and Sapphire versions offer MFD command, extensive connectivity with Garmin marine equipment, & a new touchscreen display with button selections and long-lasting power. The vivid, new touchscreen display option complements the original 5-button design for unmatched all-day ruggedness.

Built for life on the water and also on land

The Quatix 7 has many features like its predecessors, such as coastal charts, rural maps, and autopilot networking. Still, it also has several additional functions to make boating easier to handle. While it’s designed to be a sports smartwatch, it may also be worn as a stylish accent when attending a dry-land event.

garmin quatix7 standard edition

With a 51 mm case & 26 mm watch straps, the Quatix 7 Solar is also the biggest of the three smartwatches. The Quatix 7 and Quatix 7 Sapphire, on the other hand, feature 47 mm cases and 22 mm watch straps.

garmin quatix7 sapphire edition

Compatibility with Garmin chart plotters and other maritime electronics are among the new boat-friendly features, and you can use your Quatix 7 to manage the boat’s autopilot when coupled with appropriate onboard equipment.

garmin quatix7x solar edition

Garmin has added an anchor drag alarm, which tells you if your boat is moving when anchored, and tidal alerts so you can keep track of the water’s ebbs and flows. In addition, the Quatix 7 now has topography maps for various continents, and the Sapphire and Solar models now offer more precise positioning with multi-band GPS.

You’ll be able to get vital information like sea depth, engine RPM, and wind conditions right to your wrist & set up anchor drag alarms and tidal alerts from anywhere you are on the boat.

Versatile functions included

The Quatix 7 Series, according to Garmin, provides a level of adaptability and functionality that any mariner will appreciate, functioning as everything from a committed first mate for an offshore trip to a sleek and attractive timepiece that can be worn to lunch with family or dinner with friends.

Many of the functionalities from the Quatix 6 are still included in the Quatix 7, such as autopilot control and connectivity with Garmin devices to send boat information directly to your timepiece. In addition, BlueChart G3 coastal charts, LakeV├╝ G3 inland maps, and multiple modes for fishing, sailing, sail racing, kayaking, and surfing are all included in Garmin’s latest Quatix.

The style of the Quatix 7 hasn’t changed much, but the Sapphire variants have an AMOLED display that’s easier to understand in direct sunlight. The watch face got upgraded to a touchscreen, but Garmin has preserved the buttons & provided options to choose between them. In smartwatch mode, the Solar model, which also has a built-in flashlight, may last around 37 to 90 days in battery conservation mode.

Of course, the Quatix 7 Series includes a slew of other fitness and lifestyle components for use both on and off the water, including health monitoring data, sleep tracking, and profiles for walking, cycling, golfing, and much more.

The Quatix 7 is priced at US$699.99 at launch, rising to US$999.99 for the Sapphire Model and US$1,199.99 for the Solar Series. Garmin expects the Quatix 7 series to be purchased in 3-5 weeks.

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