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Garmin launches TT 15X & T 5X dog devices

You might have a frustrating experience while steeping into the field & discovered that you have failed to power the collar of your dog during the night beforehand. The low battery indicator is blinking, indicating that your collar will not survive the duration of your hunt.

With the debut of the TT 15X and T 5X dog tracking collars, Garmin, the pioneer in dog monitoring & training aspects, has devised an answer & changed that red battery light into a consistent green.

In June 2014, the first Garmin T5 and TT15 collars were introduced on the stage. Many people believe it’s past time for Garmin to release an improved full-size collar. With COVID-19 and the worldwide computer chip shortage, all expectations of a new collar may have been dashed.

Garmin was pushed to modify due to chip shortages, and they are delighted to welcome Garmin T5X & TT15X Dog Devices. However, you will have to wait longer if you expect a new revolutionary collar. The new X-series collars’ slight modifications are more gradual improvements that also help overcome temporary inventory and production concerns.

What’s New in Garmin T5X & Garmin TT15X?

As the name implies, the new collars are based on the previous T5 and TT15 collars. If you’re acquainted with Apple iPhones, you’ll recognize the new X-series collars as incremental progress. The majority of the collar’s functionality is unchanged.

Even so, there were a few minor but visible enhancements. The battery life of the collars is much improved, which is one of the most significant upgrades. With the appropriate settings, we can quadruple the battery life more.

The battery period of the real Garmin T5 & TT15 has 20-40 hrs of power backup, but the recent X-series collars have around 80 hrs of battery backup in 1st charge itself. The new update of remote sleep mode contributes to the increased battery life. This feature allows you to place your collar in a battery-saving sleep mode from a distance.

The TT15 Mini & T5 Mini collars were the first to use this sleep mode. However, the new TT15X and T5X collars have improved their usability. If you prepare your dog before leaving your house rather than on-site, this sleep mode is also excellent for journey time to hunting sites.

Owners of hound dogs, in particular, value range. The GPS and GLONASS satellite networks allow the TT 15X & T 5X collars to locate dogs up to nine miles distant. These two, when used together, allow enhanced location tracking and access to a larger number of satellites to follow your four-legged hunter.

The new Garmin T5X and TT15X are backward compatible with all current Garmin GPS handhelds, including the Alpha 100, Alpha 200i, Alpha 10, Alpha 200, PRO 550 Plus & Astro 430. The new collars work in the same way as the old ones and won’t conflict with any of your old collars.

As with most consumer products, the new Garmin T5X and TT15X collars are more expensive than the earlier T5 and TT15 collars. The T5X will now cost $299.99, up from $249.99 before, and the TT15X will cost $349.99, up from $299.99 earlier versions.

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