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Garmin Launches the Fusion Wake Tower Speakers & a fully-featured Boat Switch

Garmin has emerged as the world’s top manufacturer of marine equipment. Garmin’s product range includes some of the most advanced chart plotters and touchscreen multifunction exhibits in the industry, sonar technology, high-definition radar, autonomous navigation, high-resolution mapping, boating instrumentation, sound, amusement, and other offerings that are known for their innovation, efficiency, and ease of use.

Garmin has been developing new GPS navigation and wireless devices for those who have led an active lifestyle for over 30 years. Automotive, aviation, fitness, marine, and outdoor recreation are the five key markets served by Garmin.

Now, the sophisticated and innovative brand has come up with a digital solution for boaters, the all-new multifunctional Boat Switch. But the brand didn’t only stop at just that. To bring premium audio experience accessible to marine enthusiasts, the brand has also added a new feature to its Fusion XS series range, superior wake tower speakers.

All-in-one Digital Switching Solution

The Garmin Boat Switch is an all-in-one electrical switch specially designed for sailors, as stated by Garmin. The Boat Switch, which is handled through a Garmin chart plotter, eliminates the need for many buttons & switches. You can check fuel levels and turn on lights from one location on the boat with the Garmin Boat Switch.

garmin boat switch

The all-in-one digital switching solution works flawlessly with Garmin ECHOMAP and GPSMAP series chart plotters to simplify onboard systems’ control and operation. With that, boaters can easily track fuel-related information and monitor other necessary operations.

The Garmin Boat Switch, which EmpirBus power, eliminates the requirement for additional two-element systems – a fuse box and switches – and allows boaters to digitally manage a range of onboard electrical tasks with up to 20 circuits controlled by Garmin chart plotters.

With 20 circuits & 7 sense inputs, the boaters can toggle the light on and off and even regulate the water pumps. The Garmin Boat Switch will be made available at the suggested price of $999.99 starting from now.

Fusion Speakers

The XS Series 6.5-inch Wake Tower Speakers powered by Fusion Entertainment, a Garmin label, are also new from the Garmin camp. For a comprehensive onboard interactive experience, the speakers produce crystal-clear audio and spectacular multicolor LED illumination.

garmin fusion xs series marine speakers

Bright red, green, and blue (RGB) LED illumination enables boaters to choose illumination that suits their mood and the soundtrack for an improved onboard interactive experience. The XS Series Wake Tower Speakers are affordable and crafted for various boat applications, from wake and towboats to center consoles and pontoons.

They are built on the existing XS Series speakers and subwoofers to produce high-quality audio reproduction and clarity, even at high volumes, and a minimalistic size for maximum versatility all around the boat.

garmin fusion xs series marine subwoofers

Boaters also have the liberty to use Fusion’s simple RGB wireless remote to adjust additional lighting for XS Series Wake Tower Speakers or the adaptable ARX70 wireless controller to adjust audio from wherever on board3.

The XS Series Wake Tower Speakers are built to resist tough maritime conditions season after season on deck, thanks to Fusion’s True MarineTM standard and a three-year consumer guarantee.

The Fusion Wake Tower Speakers are also dust and water-resistant with an IP67 rating and UV and salt fog resistant. The XS Series Wake Tower Speakers are accessible now in Sports White and Sports Black, with a retail price of $449.99.

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