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Garmin introduces Instinct 2 Series featuring “Unlimited Battery”

Garmin has returned with a new variant of multi-sport smartwatches. The Instinct 2 series is aimed at “rugged individualists.” However, there is a twist! The business claims that because of advancements in solar technology, the solar models of the smartwatch would have endless battery life.

If you’ve been looking for a solar-powered smartwatch with endless battery life, you’ll want to read more about the new Garmin Instinct 2 series and the caveats that come with it. The timepieces are available in two sizes: the standard model is 45 mm in diameter, and the Instinct 2S units are 40 mm in diameter for individuals with smaller wrists.

The lineup is pretty extensive, with so many alternatives that it’s impossible to describe into words.

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts

Garmin has been experimenting with solar charging for quite some time. The Fenix 6 Series first debuted the feature, then expanded to other watches, such as the original Instinct. Garmin boasted about its substantially enhanced solar charging technology when unveiled the flagship Fenix 7 Series last month.

It’s now introducing those improvements to its Instinct 2 mid-range line. On the other hand, unlimited battery life is a big boast, especially for a watch aimed at very active nature enthusiasts. There’s also the fine print to consider.

When in smartwatch mode — that is, tracking health and giving alerts, but not mapping activities like running — the bigger 45mm Instinct 2 Solar devices feature unlimited battery life. Garmin also claims that this “infinite” claim is based on three hours a day around 50,000 lux settings.

The brightness of direct sunlight can vary from 32,000 to 100,000+ lux. The lux level of indirect sunlight can range from 10,000 to 25,000. In other words, you don’t have to point your wrist straight at the sun, but you ought to spend a couple of hours outside every day to make good on that infinite claim.

Regardless, the Instinct 2 series as a whole has good battery life. In smartwatch mode, the smartwatches can last up to four weeks, according to Garmin.

Garmin Instinct 2 special editions

garmin instinct 2 series

It also wouldn’t be Garmin if the Instinct 2 didn’t come in an infinite number of variations. The watches come in Surf, Tactical, and Camo models. The Surf Edition is focused on water sports enthusiasts & features activity profiles for surfing, windsurfing & kiteboarding.

The Tactical edition, which includes stealth mode and compatibility with night vision goggles, is “common with military personnel.” The Camo edition includes camouflage designs.

Garmin’s Your Watch, Your Way function will work with the watch, allowing you to customize the bezel and straps for a maximum of 240 design options. All timepieces have scratch-resistant glass and are designed to meet military thermal and stress resistance criteria. They’re also 100-meter water-resistant.

You can track the pregnant cycle’s sleep and stress levels. Garmin is also introducing new measures like VO2 max and fitness age and more pre-loaded training routines with its Garmin Connect IQ store.

It gives you details on your strength training and recovery. Garmin features an event detection function that sends your name and location to emergency contacts for added peace of mind. All Instinct 2 are now available, with prices starting at $349.99.

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