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Garmin adds TXi EIS support for Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft

Garmin’s equipment and services have transformed flying and have become indispensable to pilots, aircraft owners, and operators worldwide. For example, the TXi Engine Indication System, or EIS, from Garmin International Inc., has become available for some Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft.

The upgrade adds new capabilities to the planes, such as wireless data logging, exceedance records, and engine timers, to reduce pilot effort, improve engine efficiency, and lower maintenance costs.

Garmin’s array of EIS solutions, from standalone alternatives like the GI 275 EIS for single piston engines to the newest TXi EIS solution for twin turboprops, is enhanced by the King Air 200 certification.

TXi EIS – enhancing capabilities beyond regular

The TXi EIS takes the uncertainty out of fuel and engine management for your flight. This primary engine monitoring package includes visual readouts, pilot-friendly interfaces, and estimates in various configurations to suit your screen and money.

PFD data, a multifunction display (MFD), and a vertical EIS strip may all be shown on a single 10.6″ TXi display. The 7″ formats may be used as either dedicated EIS displays or split-screen MFD/EIS displays. Each makes it simple to see and evaluate the essential engine, fuel, and electrical characteristics that may help you keep your aircraft performing at its best.

The TXi EIS system from Garmin has big, conspicuous engine gauges and brilliant, sunlight-readable panels that give real-time information in an easy-to-read style — with color-coded pointers and data bands providing strong visual signals to show standard operating ranges, warnings, and exceedances.

Manifold pressure, RPM, fuel flow, and fuel quantity-per-tank readouts are function gauges and metrics that help with power management on display. TXi EIS likewise supports Electroair electronic ignition.

It also allows pilots to create hazard alarms to warn them of fuel inadequacies or when they’re approaching the limit. In addition, built-in engine data logging functionality is incorporated with TXi EIS to keep track of aircraft maintenance and operational expenses.

Each of the engine sensors is coupled to an interface adaptor that is environmentally ruggedized and allows for attachment in the engine compartment, thus reducing the cost and complication of establishing the TXi EIS system.

Modernizing the Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft

garmin txi eis

Owners and operators of King Air 200 class aircraft may now substitute obsolete and expensive EIS gauges with an updated display and monitor EIS data on a specialized 7-inch TXi flight panel in portrait mode.

When employing several TXi displays, pilots can use display backup to avoid losing PFD or EIS data in the case of a single-display failure.

The pilot can also go through the recorded data and exchange it with maintenance crews for post-flight examination.

In addition, with the TXi EIS, which has an incorporated fuel computer, pilots can more accurately monitor fuel estimates.

The aircraft’s efficiency, engine statistics, and exceedances are automatically saved on an SD card on the screen throughout a flight.

Information is wirelessly downloaded and saved inside the Garmin Pilot software and instantly posted to the flyGarmin website whenever the TXi EIS display is coupled with the Flight Stream 510 wireless router.

Engine and flight cycles are also logged to identify aircraft systems that rely on constraints, such as threshold systems and other elements with a limited lifespan. The King Air 200 is the most recent turbine aircraft approved for the TXi EIS update.

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