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Garmin Adds New Signature Series 3i Speakers to the Fusion Lineup

Garmin is a unique and special tech brand as it makes some of the most innovative products for every field out there. Following on the same path of innovation, Garmin has recently unveiled its Signature Series 3i marine speakers. These marine speakers are part of Fusion Entertainment which is a brand of Garmin.

Fusion is known to provide the best in class experience in terms of entertainment and these new speakers will be providing the same. The grille color options are also new with these speakers and as Garmin is promoting them as marine speakers, they can withstand any marine environment easily.

For superior protection in the waters, the entire Signature Series 3i comes with new water-resistant protectors. So there is no scope of water entry and the installation process is also seamless.

Signature Series 3i is a complete series and has speakers, subwoofers, and wake tower speakers. They come in illuminated sport, non-illuminated sport, and classic styles. So there are a lot of customization options for the users and these would be a good fit for any boat.

Here are all the devices that are a part of the Signature Series 3i lineup:

They come in both illuminated and non-illuminated Sport Gray and Sport White styles. Then there are also the classic white styles that look more subtle. On top of that, they also have a lot of size options making them ideal for any type of boat.

New Grille Colors

Boats are lavish and that is why everything that goes into them has to have a style statement. Keep that in mind, Garmin has added a new Sports Gray grille option which looks really stunning and again follows the iconic design and aesthetics of the Fusion lineup.

Since boats face some of the harshest conditions, Garmin has used durable materials for the new Sports Gray model so that it can last a really long time in the waters.

Flagship Audio Performance

Of course, the most important thing for any sound device is the quality of sound it can deliver and in this area, the new Signature Series 3i will not disappoint you.

This time, Garmin is bringing the CURV cone technology with the speakers and this will help in better sound definition and higher power output.

When a boat is cruising on the water, it cuts through waves and the engine also produces sound. To cut all of that unnecessary sound, Garmin is using a woven fiber composite that makes the speakers lighter yet stronger.

For users who want the best performance, it is ideal to combine these speakers with any Fusion DSP-enabled stereo like the award-winning Apollo MS-RA770 – and Fusion’s Apollo Series marine amplifiers. The results are going to be absolutely mind-blowing.

Get the Best Entertainment

There are some great lighting options available with the new Signature Series 3i as they come with the normal red, green and blue LEDs. However, that is not it, there are also cool white and warm white LEDs so you get CRGBW lighting options.

It is kind of unique as Fusion is the first brand to push out speakers and woofers having CRGBW LEDs. There is also a CRGBW wireless remote that allows users to play with these lights and have a really fun time on the boat ride.

The marine environment is definitely harsh as there is just no way to avoid water. So Signature Series 3i has to be tough and durable. For that, it comes with an IP65 rating and ISO12212 compliance. Then it also complies with the True Marine standard from Fusion so users get protection against salt fog, water, dust, and UV. On top of that, Garmin also offers a 3-year consumer warranty with this series.

Pricing and Availability

The entire Signature Series 3i speakers, subwoofers, and wake tower are now available and the price range is from USD 379.99 to 819.99.

All the people with boats might be interested in getting these speakers as they will definitely add a charm to your luxury ride on the waters.

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