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Krafton Announces Vikendi Reborn Map for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS

It’s been a while since Krafton announced any fun news for their insanely popular video game: PUBG. Well, only for a short time since they have exciting news in that department. There were some rumors regarding the unveiling of a new map for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

The developers have formally announced the new Vikendi Reborn map for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. The announcement was made during a Dev Talk on November 26. With this announcement right around the holidays, gamers will have many new things to explore on the new map. To add a special touch, developers have added snow to the map to radiate more festive vibes. So let’s explore all the cool features of the map.

About the New Vikendi Reborn Map

Vikendi was already a pretty popular map in PUBG, and now the developers have revamped it to add more elements and make it more appealing. Instead of the old 6X6 map, the new Vikendi Reborn is an 8X8 map.

This map will present new challenges to the players as it will bring an array of harsh conditions and challenges. There will be a new Blizzard Zone on the map that will have snowstorms. These snowstorms are going to compromise the vision of players. The Blizzard Zone will appear at random places throughout the map. So it will be pretty interesting for the players to have this new challenge.

Key Features of the Map

Krafton has added Cable Cars as a new mode of transportation. It is going to be a fun way for players to travel places. There will be two routes per station. These Cable Cars will be automatic, and players will only be able to board them when they arrive at a station. The Cable Cars are exclusive to the new Vikendi map.

Developers are also adding a new area in the map called Lab Camp, and players will be able to find many Lab Camps spread near the frozen lake in the northwest. They will be different in size, and some will also have alarms that will activate as soon as the Supply Drops are emptied. The supply drops also have different colors: Yellow, Red, and Blue. Different colored supply drops will have different items.

Krafton has also adjusted the Comeback BR system for this new map. Unlike a traditional game setting where players only get a single chance, players will now get three chances to return to the fight. There are a whole lot of rules to return once you get eliminated, which you will quickly understand while playing the game.

Some of the exclusive features of the Deston are now available for the Vikendi map as well. For instance, all players coming to the Vikendi map will get Map Utility Items such as Ascender Attachment and Utility Parachute. Furthermore, players will be able to find out Ascenders and Fuel Pumps thoroughly on the map.

Developers have added a new object to the map: Crowbars. Players can use them to open cabinets and locked buildings on the map. It is a subtle element, and players will be able to find it anywhere on the map.

Krafton has added Snowmobile to the map to make it more exciting. Two players can hop on the vehicle and cruise at around 120km/h. The vehicle’s speed will be unaffected by the surface. So overall, players will be able to travel faster.

When Are You Getting It?

For people wondering when they can play in the Vikendi Reborn Map, here are the availability details: The map will be available as Vikendi Reborn as soon as Update 21.1 is live.

As per Krafton, the update should go live for PCs on December 6, and console players will be able to get the update on December 15. Also, if you are too eager to experience the new map, then you can try the Vikendi Reborn map on the PC test server.

The timing of the update couldn’t be better. Holidays are just around the corner, and players will have much free time to enjoy the map entirely. Is this new map exciting to you as a PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS player? Do let us know!

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