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Krafton Adds New BR: Extreme Mode to PUBG: NEW STATE With January Update

By the time you are reading this news article, the new January update for PUBG: NEW STATE is already live on Android and iOS. The new update brings a lot of cool new features to an already popular game: PUBG: NEW STATE.

The big highlight of the January update is that it comes with a new BR: Extreme Mode. This new mode brings down the number of players in a match to 64 compared to the BR: Original mode which has 100 players. On top of that, the new mode also restricts each round to 20 minutes.

The new BR: Extreme mode attempts to bring the pure battle royale theme into the game. As of now, it is available on the game’s Troi map. With this mode, players can get the best action and score some Chicken Dinners quickly because of the increased intensity.

We already covered that this new update is also going to bring the Rimac Nevera car because of the partnership with Bugatti Rimac.

Not only that, but the new update also brings a new P90 weapon, new gun customization options, and a lot more.

New Updates with PUBG: NEW STATE January Update

New BR: Extreme Mode

The biggest feature of the update is this new mode. It will bring a new experience to mobile gaming. Each round is set for 20 minutes and limited to 64 players. The battleground is set in the Troi map with a smaller playable area(4X4). The area will be chosen randomly and changed after every match.

When the game begins, all players will be equipped with a P1911 handgun, a smoke grenade, 300 Drone Credits, and fully charged boost meters. Two Care Packages will be dropped at random locations so that players can get some high-end gear at the beginning of the match. Some Additional features of the new mode are:

  • In this mode, there will be more vehicles and items through Troi so that players can farm quickly.
  • The survivors will jump from a lower altitude to land quickly on the map.
  • Delivery drones will also arrive faster to allow players to get their items as quickly as possible.
  • The wait time for a teammate to be redeployed is additionally reduced to 60 seconds.

Rimac Navera

PUBG: NEW STATE’s partnership with Bugatti Rimac is also going to bring the world’s fastest-accelerating production car’ the Rimac Navera to the game. Players will be able to test drive this beast in the Troi map. The new update will also come with a time-limited Rimac Crate which contains Rimac Navera in five stunning colors- Nevera Blue, Sunburst Red, Gunpowder Grey, Prism Glow, and Luminous Gold.

New Season and Survivor Pass

January update also brings a new(after two months of pretesting) Season 1 that comes with eight new tiers- from Bronze to Conqueror. With each tier, players will get handsome rewards including Chicken Medals and weapon skins. The new Survivor Pass Vol. 3 which is focused around the in-game character Ben Brown is also available with the new update.

New Weapon – P90

The new January update also brings a new weapon, the P90 SMG. Players can find the new gun in Care Packages on the battlegrounds. The new SMG will have a standard tier-2 transformative scope and suppressor attached. However, it can’t be modified with any other attachments. It uses 5.7mm ammo, which users can purchase through the Drone Store.

New Gun Customizations

Players will now have more customization options with the new DP-28 Muzzle Slot. With this new feature, players are going to be able to attach a Flash Hider (AR/DMR) or a Compensator (AR/DMR) to the DP-28 weapon. However, the damage from the weapon will be slightly reduced when players will use either of the two attachments.

With the new update, players can now attach the Lightweight Stock to the Beryl M762. The Lightweight Stock aims to assist reduce the bullet spread when firing from the hip or shoulder. Along with that, it also increases the ADS speed. Do note that weapon stability will be compromised when using this attachment.

The January update for PUBG: NEW STATE is already live on Android and iOS and users can have all of the above features right now.

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