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Fortnite announces Vibin’: Chapter 3 Season 3

Fortnight comes under the spotlight with Chapter 3 Season 3: Vibin‘ & it arrives with a slew of new features, including a new theme, a revamped battle pass, and plenty of new ways to have fun.

Collision, the previous season’s Reality Tree, has bloomed and given birth to a new area known as Reality Falls. Bouncy mushrooms, waterfalls, and loot-filled caverns are all introduced in this new chapter.

All the new characters like Darth Vader, Indiana Jones, and several others can be accessed via the Battle Pass. Weapons like Boom Sniper Rifle and other weapons from the past season are making a big comeback.

The New Chapter 3 Season 3

The premise of Vibin revolves around a more light-hearted way of playing, whether that gives you relaxing music feelings or pleasant gamer vibes. The battle pass is one of the first locations players go to when a new season begins.

New goodies are available, including a Darth Vader skin to add to the game’s burgeoning Star Wars collection. According to Epic Games, Indiana Jones will also be featured as an outfit later in the season.

Season 3 introduces a giant rollercoaster known as the Screwballer, plus a handful of new characters and a massive party inside the map’s tallest peak. Vibin also has a new feature called storm sickness, which can occur if players spend too much time in the Storm, eventually jeopardizing their health.

The Reality Tree is an added feature that functions more efficiently than its previous versions. Planting a Reality Seed will bloom into a Reality Sapling, which can be upgraded as long as you take care of it. The best part is that your Reality Tree expands over time, acting as little financial assistance that works more effectively without spending it.

This time around, Zero Build modes are still available, allowing players to focus entirely on shooting and looting rather than gathering materials to construct structures. Also, three new weaponry gets introduced additionally; The Two-Shot Shotgun, Hammer Assault Rifle, and Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR).

Big Comebacks Announced

Fortnite’s most well-known aspect is the game’s fondness for rotating objects. Players will be pleased to find several of their favorite weapons, such as the Auto Shotgun, Marksman Six Shooter, Combat SMG, Stinger SMG, Shadow Tracker, and Heavy Sniper, making a comeback for Vibin’.

The ball, also known as Ballers, another crowd favorite, is returning with better health, the capacity to float on water & a battery that may eventually die. Furthermore, the fauna has returned in the shape of wolves, which may now be ridden across the area.

As you travel across the island, expect this to alter things. Sliding has also been improved this season, with the ability to continue sliding after falling from a small ledge, allowing you to continue traveling uninterrupted.

A Vibin’ New Map

You’ll observe that the map seems similar to what players are used to, but there are a few differences. The Reality Tree has sprouted on the island, creating a new biome! While not exploring its vegetation, you can swim underneath its waterfalls, hunt riches in its caves, and emerge from its geysers.

Tilted Towers was a high-traffic and dangerous location in its heyday, so if you’re planning to arrive in Tilted, ensure you’re equipped. With so many new additions and comebacks, this season will be brightly colored and full of summertime pleasure.

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