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10 Best Gaming Mouse 2022 for Dazzling Gameplay

Speed and precision are of paramount importance to gamers. Both of these mandate a specially designed gaming mouse. A regular mouse will just not cut it since it will lack programmability, customization, and the extreme degree of accuracy you will require while battling it out with your competitors. Gaming-friendly mice also permit you to adjust the smoothing and the acceleration, which is essential to controlling your gameplay.

You can opt for a fully wireless device and discard ugly wires completely. Or, you can choose products that offer little drag. Technology has evolved, and wireless mice no longer suffer from the problem of latency or present themselves unfavorably to their wired counterparts. But that is not the only decision you need to make. A good gaming mouse must encompass a range of features – from smooth motion to macro support and a lightweight form factor. So, how can you go about zeroing down on the right choice?

How to Select the Best Gaming Mouse: 5 Points

Here is a ready list of things to watch out for when you are mouse shopping:

  • Sensor and switch: Accurate tracking and efficiency is a vital parameter you must review while selecting a gaming mouse. It is always a good idea to side with a high DPI (dots per inch); some options boast as much as 20,000 DPI. It is unlikely that you will play at such numbers, but more accuracy could not hurt provided you have the budget.
  • Programmable buttons: A gaming mouse must have buttons that you can customize according to your needs with macros for your game. A good standard to look for is six or more such buttons, although you can easily find up to eleven.
  • Design: You will be spending a lot of precious time with the mouse you eventually buy, so it better feel good to the touch. If you need an ambidextrous one, you can have that too. The point is that your hand should rest comfortably on the mouse, and any motion should feel smooth. Rounded edges and high-quality material like PTFE help lend extra comfort and ergonomic advantage.
  • Durability and build: Gaming is a frantic endeavor and involves plenty of clicking. Look for a mouse that has been rated to support 50 million clicks or more. Choosing a product built with durable material is also a wise decision. However, reliability should not bulk things up. Ideally, the best gaming mouse weighs in the range of 2-5 ounces. Not only is this appropriate for travel, but you need a lightweight device to glide, scroll, and do the myriad things that a victor must.
  • Lighting, aesthetics, etc.: Most standard gaming mice support RGB lighting, thus letting you enthrall yourself with the whole gamut of 16.8 million colors. Some mice may also offer customizable zones, presets, etc. While looking at aesthetic choices, you can consider color, design, style quotient, etc.

Best Gaming Mouse 2022

The budget you have for a gaming device will depend on several factors – your level of proficiency, whether you are a competitive gamer, etc. Fortunately, you can get excellent picks for as little as $29. At the higher end of the spectrum are premium finds over $70. These come with more programmable buttons and even greater precision and speeds. Some products go the extra mile to deliver features like on-board memory and surface sensitivity.

Here we have compiled a list of the choicest options you can find in the market, developed by leading brands like Razer, Logitech, and Steel Series. You can also find models designed by newer brands like Corsair and Glorious.

1. Razer Basilisk V3 Customizable Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

razer basilisk v3


  • 11 programmable buttons
  • 26K DPI sensor with asymmetric cut-off and zero smoothing
  • Ergonomic design with a thumb rest
  • Supports RGB lighting


  • Costly buy at around $70
  • Heavier than many other mice at 4.5 ounces

The $69.99 Razer Basilisk V3 customizable ergonomic gaming mouse boasts a super-fast mouse switch, a top-notch optical sensor, and gorgeous lighting. It offers as many as 11 programmable buttons to let you add all the macros you require to up your game. The multi-function trigger is especially advantageous to gamers. It can fire necessary actions like ping and push-to-talk.

This mouse cares for your hands. It has a charming ergonomic design that provides a thumb rest. The overall build of the mouse supports your hand as you play and ensures that the buttons are easily available.

Let us talk about the Razer Focus+ 26K DPI sensor. A mouse that is cued into the pulse of the game is essential for gamers, and this accurate sensor establishes just that. It gives you functions like asymmetric cut-off and zero smoothing while providing immediate response and excellent accuracy. The scroll wheel also adds to the joy of gaming – it spins unceasingly or becomes tactile based on your pressing need in the arena.

With RGB lighting to the tune of more than 16.8 million colors, this mouse looks good in any gaming den. It is also lightweight (4.5 ounces) and easy to take with you to outdoor marathons and events.

2. Razer DeathAdder v2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

razer deathadder v2 pro


  • 20K DPI sensor
  • 70 hours of battery capacity
  • 100% PTFE feet and rubber grips for ergonomic design


  • Only 8 programmable buttons
  • Build quality below par its predecessors

Razer is renowned for its smooth, responsive gaming mice – a legacy that the $69.99 Razer DeathAdder v2 Pro wireless gaming mouse upholds. It has a stunning optical sensor (20K DPI), long battery life, and ergonomic design. This mouse uses rubber grips to cover it from both sides and 100% PTFE for the feet, lending it comfort and reliability. The optical switch (mechanical) is lightning fast, delivering up to three times faster speeds than you may have been used to.

The DeathAdder comes with eight programmable buttons to let you customize your game. What is noteworthy is its sensor. It calibrates by itself and limits drift because of lifting or landing. It makes your user experience fast and precise. (The company claims 25% faster speeds than competitions.) Other delightful advantages are fewer double clicks and tremendous resolution accuracy (20,000 DPI, 99.6%).

If you enjoy RGB lighting, you will not be disappointed. Here, you can get 16.8 million colors and preset profiles. The lighting coordinates with your game, peripherals, etc., to create a dazzling experience.

Dependable battery backup is a major win for this ‎4.3-ounce wireless mouse. You can get around 70 hours of gameplay. If you use Bluetooth mode, you can get as much as 120 hours.

3. Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

logitech g502


  • Six tunable weights for customization
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • 25K sensor


  • Lower battery life than other mice at 60 hours
  • Possible software concerns from G HUB

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse is a fantastic option that encompasses brand trust, a precise sensor, hyper-fast scrolling, and tunable weights. The last feature offers you six weights that you can adjust depending on the configuration and balance you prefer.

Logitech gives you a wireless charging option to liberate you from the need to charge your mice and other connected peripherals. This mouse also offers customizable RGB lighting and allows you to create unique animations.

The Hero 25K sensor is the standout feature of this mouse. It provides 100 – 25,600 DPI sensitivity along with filtering, 1:1 tracking, and zero smoothing. A total of 11 programmable buttons let you feed your macros and shortcuts.

This mouse wins in the battery capacity department too. It lasts for 60 hours on one charge – a good, long time for intense gaming sessions or competitive events.

Design-wise, it is a sturdy mouse with a light endoskeleton (1.2 mm walls). The buttons have a metallic spring system to give you speed and comfort. Plus, the mouse comes with a plastic-neutral certification to minimize the carbon footprint and do its bit for the environment.

4. Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse

razer viper ultimate


  • Ambidextrous mouse
  • Excellent actuation based on light beam
  • 20K DPI sensor
  • IPS rating of 650


  • Potential concerns with the charging dock
  • Side buttons are rather recessed

If you are looking for an ambidextrous device, then the Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed lightest wireless gaming mouse is a fine pick. It has been designed for both left and right-handed users and has programmable buttons on either side. Complete with eight programmable buttons, 70-hour battery backup, and low latency for easy wireless use, it is as competent a choice as any.

The mouse switch is incredibly fast – 25% quicker as per claims. It employs actuation based on a light beam and manages to register button presses quickly. The impressive optical sensor (20K DPI) offers a superb gameplay experience and is suitable even for professional players. Note that its IPS rating is a steep 650. This metric, reflective of the maximum speed that your sensor can track for motion, bodes well for high-speed gaming.

With this purchase, you can get several features amenable to professional gameplay. For instance, Chroma lighting makes things look dazzling. Razer has designed the mouse to support up to 70 million clicks, so you can be assured it will last you a long time.

This mouse weighs only 74g (2.6 ounces) – perfect for travel and events. It also facilitates better control while swiping and enhances your speed in competitive gaming.

5. SteelSeries Rival 5 Gaming Mouse

steelseries rival 5


  • Nine programmable buttons and five side buttons
  • Super-mesh microfiber cable reduces the drag
  • Affordable price of $41.99


  • Oddly uncomfortable shape

The SteelSeries Rival 5 gaming mouse is a cost-effective option for dedicated gamers. It costs $41.99 but provides multiple handy features for its price. It comes with a precise optical sensor for gaming (18,000 CPI) and Golden Micro IP54 switches to give you a massive edge among competitors.

Nine programmable buttons and five side buttons make using this mouse a smooth, swift experience. (The side buttons facilitate quick action, saving precious time when you are in the middle of something nerve-wracking.) With 1-to-1 tracking, it turns out to be suitable for several AAA games and popular titles like MOBA and Battle Royale.

It is a lightweight (85g), durable mouse with dust- and water resistance. You can feel comfortable carrying it outdoors in varying environmental conditions. And yes, it offers RGB lighting as well, so you are guaranteed to turn eyeballs wherever you go.

This mouse uses a super-mesh cable made of microfiber. It proves to be quite helpful in limiting the drag. The overall design, although designed for right-handed users, is ergonomic. It keeps your fingers from feeling strained. Hyper-durable materials in the construction enhance the longevity of this device.

6. Razer Basilisk Ultimate Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

razer basilisk ultimate


  • Battery backup of 100 hours and quick charging
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Light beam actuation for good response


  • Expensive at $119.00
  • Heavier than others on this list at 14.5 ounces

If you have the budget and the need to go above and beyond, then the $119.00 Razer Basilisk Ultimate Hyperspeed wireless gaming mouse is worth its weight. It is an incredibly customizable mouse with 11 programmable buttons, and it lets you feed in your macros through Razer Synapse 3. It also allows you to customize the zones for RGB lighting and the resistance of the scroll wheel for individualized sensitivity.

Speed-wise, you get a terrific response; the claims are it is 25% faster than its competitors, thanks to low latency and reduced interference. The optical sensor (20K DPI) and mouse switch are top-of-the-rung. Razer uses actuation based on a light beam to speed things up more than you have probably witnessed.

The battery backup of this mouse is an excellent 100 hours. Plus, it fires up rapidly: five hours of play after just ten hours of charging.

Although expensive, it is also long-lasting, designed to last 70 million clicks. That counts for several long and enjoyable hours of intense gaming! Some design elements contribute to the ease of use, such as a textured side grip for stability. Note that the bodyweight is 14.5 ounces – so, it does not fit into the shoes of a feather-light peripheral.

7. Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse

corsair nightsword rgb


  • Tunable weights for multiple configuration
  • Adapts to the playing surface
  • Lightweight mouse at 4 ounces


  • Shape and grip not suitable for all users

The comfortable Corsair Nightsword RGB gaming mouse comes with personalized weight tuning to allow you to calibrate your experience per the game. The mouse can identify your center of gravity as you play and permit you to adjust the weight (between 119g and 141g) to develop the perfect balance and hold. Corsair provides two sets of weights and six locations to mount them, realizing 120 configurations. This ergonomic mouse will cost you $59.99.

The 18000 DPI optical sensor suits contemporary games and provides detailed, precise tracking. One look at the specs – 400 IPS, 50G acceleration –speaks volumes.

It is a durable purchase rated to last 50 million clicks. That is good news since there is plenty of action here with ten programmable buttons, your choice of macros, and key remapping. The Omron switches are built to last.

In other features, it offers four-zone RGB backlighting and a unique ability to adapt the response to the playing surface. It can generate quite an advantage for your game. At 4 ounces, this mouse is a light device, ideal for all kinds of users. The contoured shape, complete with rubber grips, is a natural fit for the hand.

8. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

logitech g pro


  • 25,600 DPI sensor
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Tensioning system for buttons to reduce travel distance
  • Storage compartment for the USB wireless receiver


  • Very expensive at around $100

Here is another good option for game aficionados: the Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse with an ultra-light form factor of 80g (2.8 ounces). It is a fast device, delivering excellent connectivity and quick speeds (1-millisecond report rate). The sensor – available through a free upgrade from G HUB – is fantastic. It gives you up to 25,600 DPI. That is quite a feat for anyone looking for thrills and a stunning competitive edge.

The ambidextrous design of this mouse is commendable. Since it uses an endoskeleton layout, you get a sturdy outer shell while the body remains light and pro-travel. So, you get amazing, 50-million-clicks durability but also plenty of control and customization. Most of the design elements draw from Esports-friendly features, making it a great mouse to carry to tournaments.

Customization-wise, you can personalize the four side buttons (removable) as well as six programmable ones. Notably, the buttons use a tensioning system and adhere to a reduced travel distance for a better user experience. This mouse offers RGB lighting, so you can enjoy dazzling lights that sync with your gameplay.

With this purchase, you can enjoy a one-year limited warranty on the hardware. It also comes with a storage compartment to keep the USB wireless receiver snug.

9. Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse

glorious model o


  • Offers a DPI indicator
  • Ambidextrous device
  • 100% Virgin PTFE feet and rounded edges for comfort
  • Ascended, flexible cord for wireless feel


  • Users with small hands may find it uncomfortable

How about a matte-white device that offers Esport customization? The Glorious Model O gaming mouse costs $64.99 and bundles features like high speeds and a good degree of control. It is an ambidextrous device that will fit any pair of hands (medium to large).

A DPI indicator is an intriguing feature of this mouse, letting you check the value whenever you have to adjust things. With six buttons that offer macro support and attractive lighting, this mouse looks fabulous in a den.

Glorious uses a flexible cable that is both light and low on drag. This ascended cord gives you an (almost) wireless feel as you play. The smooth mouse feet made from 100% Virgin PTFE and rounded edges further enhance the motion, creating a glide-like feel that gamers should enjoy.

If you are anxious about accidental damage, then this company’s 180-day replacement guarantee will have your back. Additionally, you get a two-year warranty on your device in case of any malfunction.

If you are keen on Esports, there is plenty to admire here. It offers zero acceleration, accurate tracking, and a low lift-off distance (0.7mm). The polling rate of 1000 Hz and lightweight build of 2.36 ounces establish it as a suitable device for everyday, high-caliber gameplay.

10. SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

steelseries rival 3


  • Cheap purchase at just $29
  • 1-to-1 tracking
  • RGB lighting
  • Onboard memory


  • Only 8,500 CPI
  • Scroll wheel may not be suitable for everyone

Here is a cheap option for casual gamers that, despite its low price of $29.88, manages to offer decent tracking and six programmable buttons. The SteelSeries Rival 3 gaming mouse offers 8,500 CPI with its ‘TrueMove’ optical sensor, along with 1-to-1 tracking, acceleration of 35g, and 300 IPS. For its price point, these are not bad specifications for gaming mice. You should be able to make a good game of your favorite titles, not cutting corners with accuracy or speed.

This mouse is made from high-grade polymer – a hyper-durable material that stands the test of time. You should be good with this purchase for up to 60 million clicks. The design is ergonomic and keeps your fingers feeling cozy as you battle with foes in the range. A lightweight body (77g or 2.7 ounces) ensures further ease of use.

The provision of on-board memory is a significant plus for this device. It allows you to save information directly on your device. For instance, you can save key-binds, polling rate, and CPIs (up to five).

Here too, you can enjoy RGB lighting (Prism) in sync with your game. You get three zones and an entire spectrum of 16.8 million colors to customize according to your fancies.


Getting a dependable gaming mouse can be quite a big decision. Indeed, it is not far behind selecting the right laptop for your lifestyle, although the investment involved is definitely a lot lower.

Getting stuck with the wrong mouse will introduce all sorts of uncomfortable things in your gameplay: jitter, lags, inaccuracies, and poor speeds. On the other hand, a well-suited mouse will give you an advantage in the arena by letting you track accurately, slide and glide effortlessly, and use your personalized shortcuts to save time at crucial moments.

Many users prefer to stick to a light, sturdy mouse that is easy to control and makes scrolling and clicking feel effortless. The Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse, for example, weighs only 2.36 ounces and can be an excellent choice for keen gamers. However, if you fancy the kind of power that a heavy mouse can give you, there are options like the Razer Basilisk Ultimate. It weighs over 14 ounces, but that does not affect its sheer power to face modern gaming titles.

If you have been debating whether to buy a gaming mouse or try to make do with a regular one, there is abundant evidence supporting the former. The edge you will get must be experienced to be believed.

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