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FUJIFILM VisualSonics has introduced the new Multi-modal Vevo F2

FUJIFILM VisualSonics, a fully owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Sonosite, creates Ultra High-Frequency ultrasound imaging devices for scientific and therapeutic applications.

Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) ultrasound equipment is the focus of FUJIFILM VisualSonics. UHF ultrasound delivers images at far greater resolutions – as fine as 30m – for the first 3cm of a scanned body than other available imaging methods.

A global milestone in Preclinical Ultrasound

VisualSonics’ UHF ultrasound technology was first offered in preclinical studies, particularly in small animal models of human pathology. FUJIFILM Vevo MD, a new Ultra High-Frequency ultrasound device for clinical usage, was introduced by VisualSonics in early 2016.

The researchers can acquire in vivo anatomical, functional, physiological, and molecular data concurrently and in real-time using their commercially available imaging line of ultra-high frequency ultrasound-based devices.

Since then, the company has brought in new line-ups of ultrasound devices for increased ease in research and medical applications. FUJIFILM Visual Sonics has expanded its product testimonials to add recent clinical equipment, expanding its imaging techniques across preclinical & clinical domains.

Earlier in February 2022, the firm forged a new partnership with Piur Imaging to bring 3D ultrasound imaging solutions to clinicians. They’ve teamed up to deliver clinicians and researchers UHF three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound imaging technology. This tech advancement helps clinical testing examine flaws in various sectors, including dermatology, MSK & neurology.

Multi-modal Vevo F2

This time, the world leader introduced Vevo F2, a large to low frequency (71MHz to 1MHz) ultrasound & photogenic imaging series for the preclinical application as the 1st in the world.

The Vevo F2 offers high-definition image processing and a brand-new signal flow from the transducer to the display screen. It improves image clarity and increases frame rates dramatically above previous-generation platforms when coupled with multi-line processing.

The Vevo F2 is the latest in experimenting with the in-vivo visual tech with biological & physiological testing applications. The Vevo F2 expands FUJIFILM Visual Sonics can meet the visual demands of acoustic testers & ultrasound engineering professionals who benefit from extremely high to low-frequency visual functions and an open & adaptable model that assists photoacoustics.

FUJIFILM Visual Sonics has provided the advanced testing forum with world-class extreme waves of ultrasound & photogenic visual ideas for over two decades. This new system has cutting-edge electronic design and architecture, and it can be easily adapted to meet the precise requirements of imaging and acoustic engineering projects.

It further encompasses advanced research needs in cancer, developmental biology, neuroscience, and cardiology, such as heart wall and valve motion exploration, early tumor detection, and brain function characterization.

Researchers using the Vevo F2 as the high-definition visual processing system can use low-bandwidth transducers for intense live targets or high-frequency transducers for resolution down to 30um.

Researchers now can design and test new imaging approaches quickly and iteratively, extending beyond existing imaging modes, thanks to complete control over transmit profiles. On May 18, 2022, the Vevo F2 will be available.

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