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Fujifilm Unveils INSTAX mini 12 Instant Camera in 5 Fun Colors

Considering everything is now digital, you might be perplexed by the question. Still, there is undeniably something special about having a physical picture as a lovely memento of a memorable moment.

The days of taking the film to the lab to be developed are long gone, but if you’re nostalgic and enjoy nothing more than looking through photos and filling books with precious memories, the INSTAX MINI checks all the right boxes.

The INSTAX MINI 12 instant camera from Fujifilm is here & has brought new wonders! The new analog camera, which resembles the Instax Mini 11 from 2020, has an updated design, automatic flash control, a multi-function twist lens, and more!

The INSTAX MINI 12 will make anyone beam, whether you love taking pictures, are looking for a thoughtful present for a loved one who loves to take pictures, or want to add a quirky, fun addition to your wedding day. It is truly made for sharing beautiful moments with others.

Take Bright Photos – All the Time!

The Instax Mini 12 has a new look and better performance while preserving the majority of the features of its forerunner, the Instax Mini 11 from 2020. The camera’s appearance is a visible modification.

Fujifilm says the Instax Mini 12 has “an ethereal, cloud-like, and almost ‘inflated’ look.” In addition, the elements are bulbous and have rounded corners.

For example, you can rotate the lens to initiate the Close-Up Mode rather than pressing a button, just like a conventional point-and-shoot. As a result, zooming in is more delightful and effortless. Moreover, the lens can be twisted to the marked “on” & “off” settings to turn the instant camera on & off.

Before, you had to press a button on the edge of the camera to pop the lens out, turn the camera on, and then turn it off. Unfortunately, that isn’t very evident, and when combined with the Instax Mini 11’s absence of clear “on” and “off” labels, it might have made using the camera somewhat more complex for kids.

Easy to Use for Perfect Closeups

The camera has innovative features like automated strobe control, parallax correction, and a multipurpose twist lens. The parallax modification restores the camera’s viewfinder lens feature to limit object moves & create focused pictures using the built-in zoom mode.

Fujifilm claims that the new automated flash control should improve picture quality in bright and low-light situations, even though you can’t turn the flash off.

A few aesthetic tweaks are featured in the Instax Mini 12. The body is more obviously rectangular than square, despite having the same rounded corners as its forerunner.

In addition, it is simpler to grip while taking photos because it is thinner and lacks the Instax Mini 11’s arched side. Furthermore, Fujifilm has replaced the black hue with a Fresh Mint Green tint that might appeal more to the youth.

Fujifilm has also hinted at the impending release of the free INSTAX UP! App for mobiles. Users can digitally scan, import, organize, and retain their pictures in the app regardless of their Instax print or camera.

The camera has been released in five attractive, fun colors: pastel blue, blossom pink, mint green, lilac purple, and clay white. It is anticipated to be available at a retail price of 79.95 USD & 99.99 CAD in or around mid-March 2023.

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