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Fujifilm Unveils a New Smartphone Printer: INSTAX MINI LINK 2

It’s a clear observation that over the past few years many tech brands are focusing on their devices and accessories and making them for smartphones. Just recently, we saw Razer launched a fully-fledged console-style gaming controller for smartphones. And this time, it is Fujifilm joined the club as they announce their new FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI LINK 2 Smartphone printer also called Mini Link 2.

The printer comes with an app that users can install on their phones and the app allows users to create customizable frames and change image color modes to bring out the overall appeal of the image.

Fujifilm is highlighting a new feature called INSTAXAiR which is coming with the new Mini Link 2. As per the brand, this will take personalization to a new level. One of the things that INSTAXAiR will bring is that users will be able to draw “in the air”. Then the effects will be applied directly to the image. Now, let’s know a little more about INSTAXAiR and the Mini Link 2 smartphone printer.

fujifilm instax mini link 2


Fujifilm is highlighting the new INSTAXAiR app that comes with Mini Link 2. This app is truly remarkable as it allows users to add a lot of graphics and elements like bubbles, neon, spray paint, petals glitters, etc.

All users have to do is hold their Mini Link, then press the button on the top and then they have to aim the side LED to draw. That is what they mean by the draw “in the air”.

When you use this feature to draw in the air, the print preview appears in the app. If you are satisfied with the results, the effects will be on the print that comes out from the Mini Link 2.

Portable Yet Powerful

The Mini Link 2 is a compact printer that is quite lightweight and easy to carry around. In terms of design, it comes with a tonal and striped texture.

In terms of speed, it takes mere 15 seconds for the printer to transfer the image from the smartphone and start printing it.

On top of that, you also get support for continuous printing. It can take out about 100 INSTAX prints in a single charge when connected via Bluetooth.

Next Level Customization

Then there is the new INSTAX Mini Link 2 app that is the app supporting the printer for smartphones. This app has tons of designer frames that you can overlay on your image and create a totally unique image.

There are true printing modes on this one. The first one is the INSTAX-Rich Mode, which, as the name suggests, fives more deep and enhanced colors while printing. Then there is the INSTAX-Natural Mode gives a more natural print.

The app also has a collage feature that allows users to combine up to 9 photos and it also has features to add filters and adjust brightness.

Since Fujifilm is also deeply into cameras, the new Mini Link 2 is also compatible with Fujifilm X-S10 mirrorless digital camera. So if you have that camera, you can directly print your images from it.

Pricing and Availability

The new Fujifilm INSTAX MINI LINK 2 comes in three color options: Soft Pink, Clay White, and Space Blue.

As per Fujifilm, the new smartphone printer will be available starting this June 22. And the price will be USD 99.95.

This new trend to make things centered more around smartphones is a new trend that is only natural because most people spend their time with smartphones. So it makes a lot of sense to make devices compatible with smartphones.

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