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Fujifilm to launch INSTAX MINI EVO Hybrid Instant Camera in 2022

Fujifilm has announced the introduction of the new INSTAX MINI EVO, a hybrid instant camera, introducing an instant evolution in photography. The new camera packs a unique hybrid format, combining the traditional functionalities of an instant camera and the exceptional capabilities of digital imaging technology, delivering excitement and satisfaction.

The camera is built to bring photography enthusiasts over 100 expressive options, all in a sophisticated and classic design. With Fujifilm’s iconic approach to camera design, the new Mini Evo is equipped with ten lens modes and effect filters, offering photographers over 100 combinations to take unique pictures.

The camera can click the highest quality instant images with 600 dpi while printing directly from the camera. The new film-digital hybrid camera is the newest and high-end introduction in its line of instant cameras, combining the appeal of creating snapshots with versatility, exuding digital convenience.

fujifilm instax mini evo

The camera is an ideal companion to capture precious life moments in no time. The Mini Evo comes with the all-new free INSTAX Mini Evo app using Bluetooth technology. The app covers a lot of advanced and interactive functions.

The ‘Transferred Images’ and ‘Direct Printing’ function allows the recorded images to be transferred to smartphones and printed per convenience and requirements. That’s not all. To further add ultimate versatility, the INSTAX smartphone app also features shooting and image storage options.


Mini Evo features ten built-in lens modes and ten filter options to create film effects with 100 expressions. It combines a classic design with modern functionalities, bringing in a wide array of unique features to INSTAX users, along with remarkable innovations.

The camera features lens modes and filter options to offer photography enthusiasts 100 combinations to express their creativity and create beautiful yet unique one-off shots.

instax mini evo direct print feature

The hybrid camera comes with a 3-inch LCD screen on the back, allowing users to select pictures and customize them, including editing, adding frames, adjusting, and printing the picture from the available settings.

Supported by a Lithium-ion battery, the camera can print up to 100 images per charge, varying among different use cases.

A microSD card is also integrated to provide storage space for recordings and an added selfie mirror for the perfect selfie every time.

Parallel to the launch of INSTAX Mini Evo, Fujifilm is also introducing a ‘Stone Gray’ mini format film into the market, a perfect companion for the camera, contrasting the traditional white frame look.

The gray frame is completed with metallic silver, giving the printed photos an added sense of sophistication and luxury. The stylish gray border exudes a contrast against the vivid prints. The Stone Gray instant film can be packed with 10 exposures.

Fujifilm is offering the INSTAX Mini Evo accessories packed in a black camera case, with an added acrylic frame for the presentation of prints. The camera can come with a stylish design, with a black and silver hue, estimated to be available for purchase from February 2022, launching this December.

The hybrid camera can be available at USD 199.95 and CAD 249.99. The Mini Stone Gray film is expected to arrive in February 2022, at a suggested price of USD 14.99 and CAD 13.99.

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