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Focal Launches New Solo6 and Twin6 Monitoring Speakers and a Sub12 Subwoofer

Focal is a premium audio brand that makes some of the most classic-looking audio equipment in the world while also delivering world-class sound performance. They do not launch a lot of products throughout the year but when they do, people love them a lot.

Just recently, Focal has launched two new studio monitors: Solo6 and Twin6. Not only that, but they have also launched a new Sub12 subwoofer. And here are the key details:

Focal Solo6 and Twin6 Monitoring Speakers

Their Solo6 and Twin6 studio monitors are already remarkable and just recently, they have redesigned both of them to make them ready for the future.

Both were released about 15 years ago and now, they have better sonic detail and more transparency while they retain their iconic Focal aesthetics.

As per Focal, their engineers have worked around the clock to get giant leaps in audio design. For that, they have improved the designs of the transducer, there are new amplifiers on board and there is a new and enhanced cabinet as well.

Both Solo6 and Twin6 have some adaptations from Focal’s Trio11 Be monitors as they are some of the best audio monitors out there. One thing that comes to both new monitors from Trio11 Be is the Focus Mode.

If we talk about Solo6 then it has both wall and ceiling mounting options so users can optimize them for Dolby Atmos and Sony 360RA setups.

Focal is calling this new series ST6(that is S from Solo6 and T from Twin6) and they are now available at retailers in the US and Canada.

Key Specs

First of all, the new monitors come with an all-new Beryllium tweeter design. Then they have a protective cover that is shaped like an M. The woofer is also new on these with a frequency range of up to 10kHz.

They also have the iconic TMG(Tuned Mass Damper) tech on board which is also from Trio11 monitors and this reduces the distortion significantly.

The cabinet is also all-new with a more thicker and robust material. Then there is the Focus Mode as well on both the monitors and this mode allows the users to save more space on the desk and provides a lot of customization options.

So that is all about the new Solo6 and Twin 6 studio monitors from Focal. These are truly iconic monitors from Focal and carry a heritage with them. Now with new upgrades, they are better than ever.

Focal Sub12 Subwoofer

Focal has also launched a new subwoofer: the Focal Sub12 subwoofer. This one is a powerful subwoofer from Focal as it has a new 13-inch driver that is freshly-designed and when it is combined with the 600-watt RMS power amp, the subwoofer can perform remarkable as it can go lower and louder than ever.

focal sub12

The new Sub12 is the expansion of the Sub line as it now joins Sub6 and Sub One.

Again this newly-designed 13-inch woofer with a 600-watt power amp is adapted from their flagship Trio11 monitors. And that is why users can definitely expect the most powerful performance from the woofer.

The reason why the new 13-inch woofer on the new Sub12 is so good is that it has a more efficient design that helps to get deep low-end impact and low distortion as well. On top of that, this also helps in more articulation.

Then there is the BASH amplifier that is capable of delivering 600W of RMS power. Not only that, the peak power it can deliver is up to 1000 Watts.

This is a 154-pound unit but it has handles on both sides so that two people can easily move it from one place to another.

Overall, the Sub6 and Sub One subwoofers are already quite popular from Focal. Adding this new one to the lineup is only going to provide users with more options and strengthen the brand more.

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