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Focal Launches Bathys: Their First Bluetooth Headphones With ANC and Hi-Fi Sound

Focal is a prominent audio brand that makes classy audio products. Users get excellent quality from this brand, from build quality to audio performance. Their attention to detail is unmatched, so people prefer their headphones. Just recently, Focal announced new headphones: Bathys. With a unique name, these headphones are also unique to the brand.

This is the first time they have made wireless headphones with ANC. Not only that, but these headphones also have Hi-Fidelity audio. So the headphones have all the flagship features you would expect from a brand like Focal.

The Name: Focal Bathys

Premium brands like attention to detail, and Focal is no exception. Even the name of the headphones carries a deeper meaning. They have derived the word “Bathys” from “bathyscaphe.”

For context, this was the first-ever submarine made for exploring the depth of the sea. The deep sea and submarines represent silence, depth, and calm. And Bathys comes with ANC and Hi-Fi audio. So these headphones and the name honor the submarine most perfectly.

Basic Specifications

As mentioned earlier, this is Focal’s first launch of wireless Bluetooth headphones with ANC and Hi-Fi audio. So there are some exciting things about the headphones.

The Design

The design of the headphones is catchy and classy. On the outside, you will see Focal’s logo at the center of the ear cups. Then there are perforations extending to the end of the ear cup. These look pretty appealing aesthetically. Since it is a premium headphone, they have used premium materials like Aluminium, Magnesium, and genuine leather to make them durable and premium.

Focal Bathys

Covering the logo at the center, there is a white backlight system. Users can activate it using the companion app to add more aesthetics to the headphones.

The comfort of these headphones will be next level as they incorporate premium materials. The ear cups have good cushioning. Users will be able to wear these headphones for a long time with ease. The combination of black and silver is unique and appealing. These headphones are also relatively lightweight and can carry them around easily.

Audio Performance

These headphones can match professional studio headphones as they can deliver Hi-Fidelity audio. They have Bluetooth 5.1 for wireless connectivity and can support wired audio with USB-DAC mode.

The “Made in France” drivers are tuned to deliver deep bass, soft trebles, and a transparent mid-range. So the sound quality is clear and precise.

With ANC, the sound is further enhanced. There are three ANC modes on these headphones. The first one is Silent, which eliminates background noise in the most challenging situations like daily commutes.

Then there is the Soft mode that users can apply at home or office to shut down light background noise. There is also a Transparency mode when you need to hear the background noise.

The headphones are compatible with SBC, AAC, Apt-X, and Apt-X Adaptive codecs. They also have adjustable EQ, and you can customize the sound with the companion app.

The controls are nicely placed, and you even get Alexa and Google Assistant support on these headphones. Overall, these headphones are more than capable of delivering a solid audio performance.


It is obvious to talk about battery since these are wireless Bluetooth headphones. You can get up to 30 hours of playback with ANC on these headphones. They also support fast charging, so you can get 5 hours of juice with 15 minutes of charging.

Pricing and Availability

The new Bathys headphones are now available at Headphones.com. Focal is asking USD 799 for these headphones. They will also supply a 4ft 3.5mm Jack and 4ft USB-C cable with the headphones. The thing is, Focal is a premium audio brand using the highest quality material to deliver the best sound. That is why these headphones come with a handsome price tag. Are you buying these headphones? Do let us know!

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