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Focal Launches 300 ICA6 In-Ceiling Angled Coaxial Loudspeaker

The ISE 2022 has taken place this week in Barcelona, and it’s a show where an incredible number of manufacturers reveal their audio & visual breakthroughs. The latest Focal 300 ICA6 edged speakers from French manufacturer Focal are suited for Dolby Atmos installations.

Focal has long been a favorite in the industry. They provide high-quality speakers with flat frequency responses. The new ceiling speaker from the renowned French developer wraps up the range of speakers, thereby offering a larger range of alternatives for home theatre enthusiasts.

The majority of in-ceiling speakers are aimed directly at the ground. It may be correct if we want maximal coverage in a room, but if we want to replicate a Dolby Atmos soundtrack, we need to be able to aim the drivers towards the listening position.

Because placement is not always practicable, audio makers have developed various solutions. The new Focal 300 ICA6 features a slanted driver, making it more adaptable and simpler to install.

Exclusive technologies in speakers

focal 300 ica6 in-ceiling angled coaxial loudspeaker

The 300 ICA6 is made of 1000 ICA6 loudspeakers from the high-end 1000 Series & incorporates various attributes that make it popular. To complement their home theatre and HiFi offerings, the new 300 ICA6 speaker features an Aluminium/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter and 6.4′′ Flax cone.

The drivers are angled inside the basket, which could open up some interesting settings for those looking to increase the “significant other acceptance factors” by changing the visual appearance to a more discrete spot. Furthermore, the package includes ready-to-paint magnetic grilles for a perfectly unobtrusive installation.

The flax core is surrounded by 2 thin sheets of fiberglass, which offer the required pre-loaded damping, audio output & flexible rigidity. Additionally, the Focal point appeals that the flax cone produces a realistic listening experience, including clear and detailed voice reproduction.

It also adds sound coherence between these new speakers and the brand’s historical speaker models, Aria and Kanta. The Focal 300 ICA6 shelters a 6.5-inch (165 mm) speaker behind paint-ready magnetic grilles that are angled at 35 degrees to counteract the “rain effect” with other speakers.

Because of the angle can be installed in various ways in the ceiling, including in corners for complete sound concealment. The tweeter is an evolution of Focal’s famous aluminum-magnesium inverted dome design. Magnesium has good damping properties, while aluminum has high rigidity; as an alloy, they can reduce distortion substantially.

The speakers have an 89.5db sensitivity and a 65Hz to 28kHz frequency response, with an 8-ohm nominal impedance. Focal advises using amplifiers ranging from 25 to 130 watts to power the speakers. The speakers may be put in ceilings ranging in thickness from 3/8 to 1-3/8 inches and come with square and round grilles that can be painted to match.

When designing, developing, and producing its goods, Focal considers all possible applications and seeks to create a product discovery route for its customers. According to Focal, this new loudspeaker has a very deep soundstage and crisp and analytical sound.

One of the great market features is that you can quickly replace many Focal in-ceiling speakers, as they feature a unique mounting system. For example, the 300 series has the same dimensions as the 1000 series. It facilitates mixing, matching, and upgrading.

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