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Fall Guys is Making Season 1 Free and Also Bringing it to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

During the lockdown, Fall Guys became one of the most popular games in the entire world. People all over the world joined this simple yet really fun battle royale game. A lot of people actually started their gaming careers as gamers on Twitch and YouTube with this game.

Just recently, Fall Guys has announced that they are going to launch the very first Season of the game for free. The launch is going to happen on June 21 and not just that, Fall Guys Season 1 will also be coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for free.

Xbox and Fall Guys have been working together for a while and they already have six seasons of this chaotic yet fun game since 2020. So now the first season of the game coming for free is just another great news for all the Xbox owners.

So now all the gamers, doesn’t matter if they are new or veterans can compete to win The Crown in Fall Guys. Repeating again, this is all going to happen starting June 21, so if you are into the game, kindly mark your calendars.

Once again, no Xbox announcement is complete without some extra benefits for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. So the game is going to be available for free starting June and all the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will get new costumes for each month till August. Each month, that is, June, July and August, members will get unique costumes including Robo Rabbit, Coconut Milk, and Purple Hipster. Members will be able to access the costumes via the Perks gallery that is on their Xbox console.

You can now pre-register for Fall Guys and even wishlist the game on the Xbox Store right now. Although the game Fall Guys Season 1 is going to be free for everyone, there are some great rewards you can get by pre-registering yourself. The rewards include Keen Bean nameplate, Melonhead costume, etc.

If you wanted to play the game for a while, now is your chance!

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