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The Roku Channel Adds discovery+ as a Premium Subscription

All the people who are living in the US and have access to The Roku Channel can rejoice with the news that Roku and Warner Bros recently announced that the discovery+ streaming service can now be accessed as a Premium Subscription service on The Roku Channel.

The great thing about this announcement is that now users of The Roku Channel can directly subscribe to the discovery+ platform without having to go anywhere else.

There are two versions of discovery+ available on The Roku Channel, the first one is ad-free which comes at USD 6.99 and then there is the ad-supported version at USD 4.99.

discovery+ Offers Great Content

discovery+ launched a little while ago and while it had a slow start, the service now has a ton of content which is great. With this service, you can get access to content from channels like HGTV, TLC, Discovery Channel, Food Network, ID, OWN, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, and Magnolia Network. All of these channels combined will gives you over 70,000 episodes that you can watch on the platform. The platform also has over 200 original series and titles that are quite interesting. So you are not going to get bored at all.

If that wasn’t enough, discovery+ also brings world-class non-fiction content from The HISTORY Channel, A&E, and Lifetime. It also has tons of nature and environmental content from BBC as well.

The Roku Channel Adds One More Premium Subscription

The Roku Channel is one of the best examples of evolving with time. Nowadays there are countless OTT platforms and subscription services. So people just want a unified platform that could give them access to their favorite platforms and manage them all from one place.

This is exactly what The Roku Channel does, as of now, you can get over 50 Premium Subscriptions on The Roku Channel. With this platform, you can easily manage these services from a single monthly bill.

As of now, The Roku Channel is offering a free seven-day trial for discovery+ service and there are no extra apps and extra fees required for that. So using this trial, you can now enjoy some content of the discovery+ app and see if you really want it or not.

If you want to read the terms and sign up for the free trial in just a single click, simply click on the link here.

The Roku Channel made its debut back in 2017 and it is now one of the biggest free and premium services providing platforms in the US. Now The Roku Channel has over 80,000 free movies and 275 free TV channels. Apart from that, it also has over 50 premium subscription services. The best thing is that it is also available for iOS and Android, users can also watch it via the web, Amazon Fire TV, and some Samsung TVs.

If you are interested in any of the Discovery shows from the past or the current content they are putting out, you can now get it via The Roku Channel.

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