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ECM-B10 Shotgun Microphone Unveiled by Sony

Just recently, Sony unveiled two new premium Walkmans and since they make a lot of products, we have a new one announced today. The new product from Sony is a new shotgun microphone called ECM-B10.

With the new ECM-B10, Sony is planning to bring the best features like sharp directivity and digital signal processing in a more compact form factor and the features take inspiration from their EXM-B1M microphone.

Get Three-in-One Microphone

The new ECM-B10 comes with beamforming technology and it has four mic capsules that are rated for high performance. The microphone applies digital signal processing to the sound grabbed by these mics.

Because of this technology, the user has control over how they want the audio to be recorded. The users get the choice to customize the sensitivity of the mic from different directions.

sony ecm-b10 shotgun microphone

One of the most unique and important features of the mic is that it allows users to seamlessly switch between super-directional, unidirectional, and omnidirectional. So users get three types of directivities in a single mic.

Another great feature of the mic is super-directivity and when users enable this feature, the mic will only capture the sound from a narrow field and eliminate sound coming from other directions. So it is a great option for people who do interviews or vlogs or in any condition where they only need to record the audio from their immediate front.

Then there is also the option for unidirectional sensitivity which helps users to collect sound from a wide field in front of them. So when they are recording a bunch of people, this option really comes in handy.

On top of that, there is the omni-directional sensitivity feature that allows users to capture all the sounds from all directions. This is great when you want to record environmental sounds.

Overall, with these different sensitivity modes, users get the best options to switch back and forth without changing the mics in between videos.

Best in Class Recording

The noise suppression features on the new ECM-B10 are truly remarkable and allow the microphone to record crystal clear sound. The mic comes with in-house digital signal processing power and this results in clear sound recording as it eliminates all the noise.

This is particularly good for post-production workflow as creators and editors do not have to spend time enhancing the audio later.

The pairing of the new mic from Sony is also seamless as it can easily pair with any camera that has MI(Multi-Interface) Shoe. It works with both cameras having analog MI Show or cameras with a digital audio interface.

The latter provides better results as the audio is directly transmitted as a digital signal. So the audio is always high-quality without any degradation.

Sony has worked on the design of the mic so that it can suppress the shock and vibration. Since there are no cables used for the operation, the noise transmitted via cables is automatically eliminated.

Sony also supplies a windscreen with the mic to reduce the environmental noises that can disrupt the recording experience while shooting outside.

These are some of the audio settings that the new Sony ECM-B10 offers:

  • ATT (attenuator) switch (0/10/20 dB).
  • FILTER switch (noise cut / low cut / off)
  • AUDIO LEVEL dial with AUTO/MAN (manual) switch

Because the design of the mic is so compact, it works seamlessly even when users pair their cameras with gimbals and grips.

The mic takes power directly from the camera so you do not have to worry about the mic battery discharging.

The mic is also dust and moisture resistant but it does not have any official rating for it.

Pricing and Availability

Sony will be shipping the new ECM-B10 starting this August and the price for the new shotgun microphone is USD 250. Users will be able to buy it from authorized dealers in the North American region.

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