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DJI Launches Action 2: A 2oz Modular Action Camera

DJI, the leading creative camera technology globally, launches a new action camera, DJI Action 2, presenting a magnetic design, displaying adaptability and interchangeability, to make every video compelling.

The camera brings new and unique tools to frame, shoot or monitor a camera, powered by DJI’s signature stabilization expertise. In addition, the new camera comes in a compact size, even powerful than its predecessor, allowing users to capture the best moments in crystal clear 4K.

The latest addition to DJI Action can accommodate unique tools and configurations embedded with DJI’s cutting-edge technologies, presenting a revolutionary series for everyone to experience every action and moment more lively.

New Modular Design with Powerful Imaging

The action camera weighs only 56gms, presented in an all-new modular design, suiting every user action. In addition, it gives away options to be attached to helmets, surfboards or worn securely to shirts for a hands-free time-lapse of tours.

The Action 2, with its dustproof, waterproof, and drop-proof features, presents a robust design to capture every action of life’s adventures. The camera unit and modules comprise a front touchscreen, power, mounting peripherals, and additional multiple configurations. In addition, the camera brings the feature of interchangeability for ultimate user control over capturing the world more creatively.

The front touchscreen has been restructured to allow more convenience to focus. Featuring a 1.76-inch OLED touchscreen, coupled with an additional OLED screen on the front of the touch screen module, fixed at the camera bottom, secured with magnetic locks, the camera brings blog or selfie setup to ease.

Additional protection with Gorilla Glass added with haptic feedback on touch screens gives precise control over navigation. With Snapshot, users won’t have to wait long for the camera to power up.

The camera can record a video at 4k/120fps with a 1/1.7 sensor, capturing every immersive detail via a super wide 155° FOV. In addition, the newly implemented Color Temperature sensor allows swift restoration of color tones, even in complex lighting situations, presenting vibrant results even underwater.

DJI Action 2 installs Rocksteady 2.0, like its predecessor, the signature Electronic Image Stabilization technology of DJI. In addition, HorizonSteady maintains a level frame for increased smoothness in every dynamic shot.

The camera comes with a self-battery backup of 70 minutes, 160 minutes for a front touchscreen module & 180 minutes for the power module. The front touch screen even packs DJI Matrix Stereo Technology, bringing three microphones to record audio from every direction, ensuring immersive sound playback.

Presenting Intelligent Features

DJI brings advanced features of slow-motion video recording, 4x at 4x in 4K/120fps and 8x at 1080p/240fps, for capturing fleeting moments with permanence. In addition, the camera presents hyper-lapse and time-lapse features, controlling the time perception to capture unique content with creative options.

The quick clip allows creating short clips for social media uploads, and the Livestream option offers stable live stream output at 1080p/30fps. In addition, the UVC features high-quality video capturing for conference calls and live broadcasts.

DJI has brought a range of accessories for the new camera. Besides the front touch screen and power module pack, a Magnetic Lanyard and Headband, making it wearable, and a Magnetic Ball Joint Adapter mount for flexibility.

A Magnetic Adapter mounts for a more secure hold and a remote-control Extension Rod for versatile remote control & the DJI are floating handles to hold the camera floating over the water.

Action 2 features a waterproof case and Macro lens for richer detail capturing and a DJI mic. This wireless dual channel recorder that enables clear and crisp audio recording for up to 200 meters.

The DJI camera connects with the DJI Mimo app for increased functionality and creative editing. In addition, with DJI care refresh, the camera comes with comprehensive protection plans.

The Action 2 dual screen combo can be available from 2nd November at USD 519 with accessories. The power combo can be available from late November at USD 399, with the Power module and additional accessories. Other accessories can be sold separately.

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