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DJI announces Mini 3 Pro with an improved camera and gimbal!

The DJI Mini 3 Pro, the sequel to the acclaimed DJI Mini 2, has been formally launched. The Mini 3 Pro has been enhanced to include 4K 60fps video, ActiveTrack, tri-directional obstacle sensing, and a 90-degree gimbal filming for those vertical videos like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat.

The Mini 3 Pro weighs less than 249 g and has tri-directional obstacle sensing. When HDR is enabled, the camera can also take 4K/60 FPS videos or 4K/30 FPS videos. It gets a new 1/1.3-inch sensor with a bright f/1.7 aperture, which should help it perform better in all lighting circumstances.

The 48MP sensor may shoot in full-resolution 48MP or binned 12MP mode. The measurement of the lens is 24millimeter wide, similar to the Mini 2 & tinier than the 20millimeter lens of Air 2S. The arms & edges have been modified for enhanced aerodynamics & double-sided sensors are installed on the face & the gimbal got enhanced to offer various camera shots.

Expanding the Possibilities with New Upgrades

When it came to deciding where to take the Mini-series next, DJI polled its users and came up with the ideal solution: incorporate DJI’s exceptional flight and imaging capabilities into its smallest drone.

dji mini 3 pro

Finally, the DJI Mini 3 Pro is incredibly powerful for small drones. It keeps the same modest foldability as its past versions – the Mini 2, Mavic Mini & Mini SE – for easy storage and transport.

The Mini 3 Pro, on the other hand, has more advanced features than any other DJI drone due to a better avionics suite, camera system, battery life, and advanced analytics that were previously only available in the Air and Mavic series.

DJI has added tri-directional obstacle sensing technology to the Mini 3 Pro, previously unavailable on Mini-series drones. Using forward, backward, and downward vision sensors, the operator can avoid colliding with something. The APAS (Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems) 4.0 & FocusTrack systems are also compatible with the sensors.

Designed to Face New Possibilities

The OcuSync 3.0 transmission mechanism in the Mini 3 Pro delivers crisp FULL-HD live video feed from 12 kilometers. The Mini 3 Pro’s gimbal, which allows the camera to video at up to 60 degrees upwards and 90 degrees downwards, is arguably one of its biggest selling points.

HDR video recording at frame rates up to 30fps is offered for the most vivid detail. D-Cinelike offers greater post-processing options, while a normal color profile is offered for rapid in-app editing. Digital video magnification in 4K can be up to 2 times, 3 times in 2.7K, and 4 times in Full HD.

The improvements onboard make the DJI Mini 3 Pro a great flying camera, but that’s not all. The Mini 3 Pro now features all of DJI’s Air and Mavic series’ intelligent capturing functions, making it easy to create. Optional options include a two-way charging hub, ND filters, and a fresh pair of props.

DJI Mini 3 Pro features increased image performance with 2.4m pixels that capture greater image information, especially in low lighting and at night. The DJI RC has an integrated 5.5-inch touchscreen display and comes preloaded with the DJI Fly software, so users won’t need to mount a smartphone to see the world through the drone’s eyes.

The Mini 3 Pro drone is presently up for pre for $669. If you want a controller, you’ll have to pay an extra $759 or $909, according to the RC you choose.

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