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New ExpertCenter E500 G9 Workstation from ASUS is here!

In a world where laptops are powerful and energy-efficient, it is always a bit of a surprise when we come across new workstation announcements. Just recently, we now have the new ExpertCenter E500 G9 workstation from ASUS.

The only suitable use case for workstations these days is when you need unparalleled performance without having to worry about the battery life. So users who work in fields that require high-performance PCs such as the 3D modeling industry, rendering, AI, VR simulation, etc.

Virtual Reality is definitely the next big thing and to work with that kind of flow, there is always a need for a powerful PC and the new ASUS ExpertCenter E500 G9 is more than capable to support that workflow.

For better real-time collaboration and faster workflows, the new workstation also supports NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise.

Latest and Powerful Specifications

As mentioned earlier, one of the main purposes for workstations these days is to get unparalleled performance and that is not going to happen without powerful hardware components.

To deliver the best-in-class performance, the new workstations come with up to 12th Generation Intel Core processors. The new Intel processors have more cores and support more bandwidth and they can deliver more performance in a workstation because there is no shortage of power.

asus expertcenter e500 g9 ports and slots

The data transfer speeds on these new workstations are also going to be next level as they come equipped with PCI Express (PCIe) 5.0. As per ASUS, the new slots are twice as fast as PCIe 4.0. For all the users who have data-intensive tasks on a daily basis, the new generation of PCIe slots will definitely come in handy.

One of the main issues during rendering heavy video files or other projects is the crashes. And to eliminate them for good, the new ExpertCenter E500 G9 comes with up to 128 GB of DDR5-4800 ECC memory. Having that much RAM makes sure that there is no data corruption and smooth rendering.

The new workstations from ASUS also come with all the connectivity options like dual 2.5 Gbps Ethernet ports and then there is also WiFi 6E onboard. So you get high-speed throughput from the Ethernet ports and then seamless wireless connectivity from the WiFi.

Real-time 3D collaboration with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

To get the next level of graphics performance, the new workstations come with up to NVIDIA RTX A5000 graphics. All of the visualization workflows can be easily handled with these graphics.

With NVIDIA RTX GPU, users will definitely get the best performance and for users who are into 3D workflows, this workstation is just going to be the next level. The new ExpertCenter E500 G9 comes with support for NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise.

The technology allows users to enhance their 3D designs and digital-twin workflows. It also allows users to collaborate in real-time. The technology also unlocks next-level simulation capabilities.

Since it is a new thing, ASUS is now working with a lot of ISVs(Independent Software Vendors) so that they could fit in the Omniverse technology completely. This will allow 3D animation and architectural engineering and construction (AEC) industries to work more efficiently.

ASUS Control Center

Just like many other PCs from Asus, this one also comes with ASUS Control Center. The software is one of the best IT management tools out there. It allows remote monitoring and control of devices in corporate and business settings.

The software is great for businesses as it allows IT admins to perform a wide range of operations like BIOS installations, software updates, and management of devices from remote locations.

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