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HP Announces New All-in-One PCs and Desktops for Desk-Centric People

A lot of people are working from home ever since COVID-19 but working from home does not necessarily mean laptops and notebooks. There are a lot of people who work permanently from a desk and that is why HP has announced new All-in-One PCs and Desktops for people who enjoy working from a desk.

New All-in-One PCs with HP Presence

The new All-in-One(AiO) PCs from HP come with HP Presence which is aimed to help users to be seen and heard in a better way.

The new AiO PCs come with a 5-megapixel camera with HP Auto Frame. The software smartly keeps the users in the frame so they can even stand and move around while thinking.

Then there are also some great audio features like Dynamic Voice Leveling and AI-noise reduction 2.0 which adjust the volume to maintain consistency and also reduce background noise.

The new AiO desktops also come with an optional 16-megapixel binning (4-megapixel) camera that can work in extremely dark or bright conditions and can also capture more voice details.

There is also HP Run Quiet Design which makes the fan tune to optimal speeds and keeps the system voices down. For safety, the new AiOs from HP come with HP Wolf Security that can protect company data from modern threats.

The HP Presence AiO Conferencing PC with Zoom Rooms is a super cool feature that enhances the virtual meeting experience for users. The desktop will be available in 23.8-inch display size or 27-inch display size and will come with an Intel 12th Gen processor. The Zoom Rooms software will also be preinstalled on these PCs.

hp eliteone 800 g9 aio

Then there is the HP EliteOne 800 G9 AiO Desktop PC which is also powered by HP Presence. It will come with 12th Gen Intel processors and Windows 11 OS. The desktop PC will be available in 23.8 or 27-inch screen size and will have a silver color aesthetic. For connectivity and networking, it will have WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2. The stand will have adjustable height and option for wireless charging and will also have integrated VESA mounting.

New Desktops from HP

HP have also announced some new desktops including the HP Elite 800 G9 Desktop PC Series. These powerful desktop PCs are going to be powered by 12th gen Intel processors and will come with dedicated NVIDIA RTX graphics. So multitasking and high performance are going to be easy on these ones.

  • The very first in the lineup is the HP Elite Mini 800 G9 Desktop PC it is merely the size of a book but it can handle high-performance tasks with ease. With this PC, users can connect up to eight displays.
  • Then there is the HP Elite SFF 800 G9 Desktop PC which is capable of delivering high-performance and is quite expandable making it ideal for compact spaces.
  • For users having a workload related to handling complex programs, 3D rendering, graphics, etc., the HP Elite Tower 800 G8 Desktop PC is a perfect choice.
  • Along with these, HP has also announced the HP Elite 600 G9 Series Desktop PCs and HP Pro 400 G9 Series Desktop PCs that will come with 12th Gen Intel processors and DDR5 memory making them great for multi-tasking.

The Z Series from HP

hp z2 aio

HP announced the HP Z2 Mini G9 at CES 2022 which according to HP is the “world’s most powerful mini workstation”. The Z series is aimed at users who work on 3D modeling and VR which might require high-end features like ray tracing on the desktop. Here are the new entries in the Z lineup:

  • The Z2 SFF G9 is an SFF workstation and can handle all of the high-performance tasks with ease. It is also the first SFF computer to bring ray tracing. The PC comes with NVIDIA RTX graphics and Intel Core-K series processors making it highly powerful and capable.
  • Then there is HP Z2 Tower G9 which comes with an Intel K-Series processor and NVIDIA RTX dedicated graphics. It can work seamlessly without any throttling and is built for modern-day performance.
  • Finally, we have the HP Z1 Tower G9 which is HP’s “most affordable entry desktop workstation” and it is great for designers and editors. The PC comes with ISV-certified hardware and advanced security feature.

Pricing and Availability

Product NameAvailability
HP Presence All-in-One Conferencing PC with Zoom RoomsShould be Available in May
The HP EliteOne 800 G9 All-in-One Desktop PCShould be Available in May
HP Elite Mini 800 G9 Desktop PCShould be Available in Late March
HP Elite SFF 800 G9 Desktop PCShould be Available in Late March
HP Elite Tower 800 G9 Desktop PCShould be Available in Late February
HP Elite 600 G9 Desktop PCShould be Available in Late March
HP Pro 400 G9 Desktop PCShould be Available in May
HP Z2 SFF G9Should be Available in March
HP Z2 Tower G9Should be Available in March
HP Z1 Tower G9Should be Available in March

The pricing for all of the new AiOs, and desktop PCs will be available when the products will be closer to the launch.

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