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Dell Launches New XPS 8950 Desktop

XPS has always been the most admired brand in the PC industry, cherished for its seamless convergence of elegance with advanced technology. But this time, there’s more than XPS had ever brought.

Being nearly 42% greater in size than its brethren, the latest XPS 8950 Desktop presents an elegant suite of next-gen technologies, packed with a more robust cooling architecture, announcing the best XPS Desktop.

It brings together a minimalist design, exuding heavy hither performance. The desktop suits every desire of users, beginning from designers to gamers, presenting them a sophisticated Desktop with workhorse performance.

Ameliorated performance to heighten user productivity

Designed to augment your creative passion, the new XPS Desktop packs 12th Gen Intel Core processors – up to i9, exclusive in handling creative projects and gameplay, delivering the best impressive graphics options ever made, featuring the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs (up to a 3090) or AMD Radeon RX GPUs (up to a 6900 XT).

It was additionally embedded with the next-gen DDR5 memory that supports over 50%enhanced clock speed than its predecessor, PCIe 5th gen graphics, the latest desktop users with incredible horsepower, powerful enough to cater to every user requirement, for an uninterrupted workflow.

For the loyal XP customer with relentless spirits who are always advancing towards betterment and ready to take on every next challenge, the PC brings customizing ease so that the PC can be molded to deliver enhanced performance, augmenting the productivity of the users.

Furthermore, leveraging the tool-less entry chassis, users have the liberty to upgrade the parts and software of the PC, pacing with the new technology updates. Thus, the new XP is a healthy investment for users, aiding in scaling creativity and passion.

For aspiring artists and or amateurs wishing to upgrade their creative skills, be it in photography, designing, or beyond, the desktop comes with a pre-configured setting of ‘Creator Editing,’ always prepared to take on creative workloads for the users.

Enigmatic Architecture

dell xps 8940 vs 8950 desktop comparison

The device is carefully crafted by the engineers’ thoughtful expertise, aiming to maximize performance with the redesign of the exclusive thermal architecture. In addition, the front bezel of the chassis is built to allow improved airflow.

The new desktop features a 21% cooling power under load powered by 125W cooling solution, up to 18% cooling with liquid cooling, equipped with new fans powered by 5,000 RPM, operating with more efficiency at slower speeds. In addition, the desktop is assembled to be 50%+ quieter, a whole new better version than the previous generations.

The new XPS Desktop exhibits elegance, mindfully built to fit seamlessly in any environment, a signature property of the XPS family. Moreover, the design is tested and molded to give it a touch of life and authenticity, unlike other PCs, specially crafted to fit harmoniously in every space, with unique ports and a simple grid pattern, presented in two colors – light and dark, featuring additional night sky and aluminum-platinum silver option.

In addition, the silver model has been equipped with an aluminium metal base, adding an extra level of poise to it. Dell provides 24×7 automated phone support and offers on-site solutions to diagnose any hardware or software issues carefully.

In addition, ‘Dell Mobile Connect’ allows seamless integration of the PC to both iOS and Android Smartphones, available for free download in the Microsoft store.

With such exclusive surprise, Dell also brings a ‘Trade-in Program,’ allowing users to transform any device into credit for their next purchase, launching exclusively in the US and expected to roll out in other countries next year. In addition, the all-new and advanced XPS Desktop can be available later this fall, rolling out with Windows 11.

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