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ASUS Announces a New Powerful Mini PC: The ASUS Mini PC PL64

ASUS makes some of the most powerful computers. Their ROG lineup has some of the best gaming PCs available in the market. However, we are not discussing the ROG lineup today. ASUS has a new exciting announcement for all power users. Just recently, they announced the ASUS Mini PC PL64.

This is a new powerful mini PC that comes with loaded specs, including 12th Generation Intel Core i7 (15 W) processors. It has all the high-end hardware and software that is required for next-level performance. Let’s look at all the hardware features of this new mini PC from ASUS and how it is going to be useful for power users.

A Unique Design

The new ASUS Mini PC PL64 is unique in many ways; however, the most unique thing about this new mini PC is its design. Simply by looking at it, you will think that it is a rugged router, but it is a fully-fledged PC.

This design is also crucial to the cooling mechanism of the PC. As it comes loaded with powerful specs, the heat dissipation needs to be excellent. The new mini PC has a fanless design which makes it almost silent. It also helps in reducing dust accumulation on the chassis, increasing the longevity of the PC. Inside the fanless chassis, there is a powerful 15-watt CPU that can run all the power applications with ease.

As per ASUS, the heat dissipation is so effective that you can efficiently operate the PC in temperatures as harsh as 50°C.

Powerful Features Like EDID Emulation and Virtual Display

This mini PC is made for power users who work in harsh and challenging conditions. It comes with an advanced technology called Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) emulation. So in case of any temporary power loss or issues in connection, the content can is displayed in signage format. The work remains unaffected.

Then there is the Virtual Display technology as well. Using this technology, the system admin can manage the PC offsite by accessing the system using a remote desktop. So users can get a virtual screen without even connecting to a display.

Support for 4K and Triple Display

No matter how powerful a PC is, if it does not have an excellent display to support it, there is no point in having all the powerful hardware. Luckily, the PL64 comes loaded with Intel Iris Xe graphics (for i5/i7 variants) or Intel UHD Graphics (for i3/Celeron variants). This allows them to connect and display photos and videos in 4K resolution at a 60Hz refresh rate.

Users can hook up to three 4K displays using the HDMI slots on the PL64 to use powerful apps. It is pretty remarkable that a PC this size can pack so many powerful features.

Versatile Connectivity

Despite being small in size, the ASUS Mini PC PL64 provides excellent connectivity options for all kinds of users. In the age when you can hardly get a single LAN port, this one comes with two LAN ports. Interestingly, one LAN port can also take the 2.5GBase-T (2.5 G) networking technology. So you can get speeds up to 2.5Gbps on your device.

What’s more, is that it also comes with two COM ports, so you can easily hook up any legacy peripherals like barcode scanners or receipt printers.

For wireless connectivity, this mini PC also has support for WiFi 6E, so you can easily stream all of your HD content.

Our Thoughts

As of now, we do not have the pricing information for the new ASUS Mini PC PL64. However, if ASUS prices it just correctly, it can be one of the best mini PCs available in the market. The design is practical and rugged. Then it also has powerful features. People who work with digital signage, advertisement, etc., will love to have this PC around.

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