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Dear Reality launches EXOVERB

Dear Reality has returned with a new audio plugin, promising to offer true-to-life sounding reverb. Presenting the new EXOVERB brings three-dimensional depth with width perception to stereo productions.

Dear Reality is known for its immersive, Ambisonics, and multi-channel software tools that create remarkably convincing room virtualization. The new launch, EXOVERB, includes 50 hand-tailored acoustic settings from 4 categories: Ambiences, Rooms, Halls, and Plates, presenting the next level of spatial experience for your stereo projects.

Uniquely designed to enrich studio production

Dear Reality has always been motivated by the development of virtual acoustics and their thorough customization of them, resulting in realistic sounding reverbs with a qualitative depth. Many customers have shared with the company over the years that they incorporate room simulations from spatializer plugins into their regular stereo mixes.

Therefore, it appeared that the spatial audio simulation of rooms could affect the sound in a way that earlier stereo reverbs could not. What makes EXOVERB truly unique is that it is a pure stereo plugin that captures the organic, authentic sound of spatial audio. EXOVERB builds spatial reverb environments with an unmatched level of realism without limiting its creative freedom by using hand-crafted, cascading impulse responses.

One of the abilities that set experts apart from beginners is the use of space and depth in a mix. Music frequently lacks a natural or real sense of space, especially in today’s music production culture, when a significant amount of production occurs digitally rather than acoustically.

Usually, creating this level of spatial realism is a challenging task that necessitates countless hours of trial and error before becoming proficient. With decades of blending experience, the brand has first-hand knowledge of spatial nuisances.

Now, they have created EXOVERB to address a variety of problems caused by conventional reverb plugins, not only to simplify their mixing tasks but also to provide producers with a potent remedy, speed up their workflow, and enable them to optimize their creativity.

A new evolution

EXOVERB enables improved control of spatial distance perception by incorporating the principles of spatial hearing. Dear Reality created various synthesized IRs based on a variety of room conditions for each acoustic scene utilizing their custom software and substantial immersive audio experience. The effects include realistic-sounding reverbs with a sense of three-dimensional depth on all playback platforms, including speakers and headphones.

The new plugin features a simple user interface that allows the reverb to be perfectly customized to each mix. The triangle pad in EXOVERB makes it simple to mix the right amount of dry signal with early reflections and reverb. Furthermore, unlike many other reverb tools, EXOVERB allows users to directly access frequently used parameters like Pre-Delay, Size, Decay, and Width without having to delve into sub-menus.

Variety has been an important component in influencing the development of EXOVERB and its distinctive environment collection, from cramped room ambiances to vast, wide chambers, to offer listeners a natural sense of distance and space that would be challenging to achieve otherwise.

Based on the foundations of spatial hearing, EXOVERB offers a distinctive spatial distance perception. You can further modify the front-back spacing of your mix using the Depth and Width parameters to enhance the acoustic illusion in stereo recordings relying on our human distance hearing.

EXOVERB additionally offers three distinct EQs, to offer the greatest amount of tonal freedom to modify early reflections, decay, and summed signal. The low-shelf, parametric, and high-shelf filters in each 3-band EQ are included to create the ideal reverb sound for the mix.

The EXOVERB is available for sale at USD 69/EUR 69/GBP 59 till November 31 and USD 99/EUR 99/GPB 89 after, in the Dear Reality store.

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