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CLOT and Bang & Olufsen launch a limited edition Beosound A1 2nd Gen speaker

Renowned luxury brand Bang & Olufsen has collaborated with the fashion marque CLOT to launch a limited edition of the Beosound A1 2nd gen speaker. The new project celebrates the vitality and keeps up with CLOT’s signature mission of bridging the East and the West.

And on the other hand, it preserves Bang & Olufsen’s enigmatic history of delivering innovative sound, its proud heritage of unparalleled craftsmanship and design. Both the exemplary brands have presented a new beat, celebrating the vitality of life, music, and Chinese culture.

Creative Inspiration

The iconic brand Bang & Olufsen collaborating on the new project with CLOT exudes the passion for modern engineering and premium materials. CLOT’s mission of interlacing cultures of the East and West via experiences and sensations aligns with the purpose of Bang & Olufsen, creating a sound that arouses the emotions offering an unparalleled listening experience.

The new and fascinating partnership draws ingenuity from the spirit and origin of the iconic fashion brand, CLOT, influenced by Jamaican reggae music. For this creative collaboration, CLOT Founder and Creative Director – Edison Chen was piqued to the living energy of the blood.

CLOT is typically a movement that bridges brands, interlocks creativity, and unifies cultures. A common culture emerges as art and music, which grows and extends outwards like a pulsing heart due to shared creativity.

A Bold Color Intrigued by a Pulsating Heart

clot and bang & olufsen beosound a1 2nd gen speaker

Elaborating further on the creative inspiration behind the design, CLOT’s Founder, Edison Chen, says that the sound of the heartbeat is euphonious. It marks life, a sense of being for everyone, and beats the same for all.

Our hearts pump blood, and our blood circulates throughout our bodies. It’s similar to creating music and art, which is human fallibility. He also acknowledges that working with Bang & Olufsen and embarking on a product development path has been exciting, noting that this is the very first phase, and perhaps there can be many more to follow.

The limited-edition Beosound A1’s aluminum grill surface has been coated in a vivid metallic red to depict blood cells carrying the necessities for cultural creativity as it delivers music to our ears to actualize this conceptual design.

CLOT chose the color red to convey the rich eastern legacy into the current day because of its prominence in traditional Chinese culture. The CLOT logo is printed on the speaker grill about the brand’s characteristic style, creating a bold and visual impact while maintaining the core of Bang & Olufsen’s design approach.

Bang & Olufsen’s logo is laser engraved on one side of the black leather strap, while CLOT’s logo is laser imprinted on the other. The Beosound A1 is the ideal transportable speaker, with robust and enthralling bass harmonic overtones that everybody can enjoy – lasting hours on end.

The Beosound A1 is dust and water-resistant, and it can do 18 hours of non-stop playback. The multipoint feature allows the connection of two devices and commands the melodies, while the True360 omnidirectional sound renders this speaker the perfect star of the show.

Beosound A1 provides incredibly clear voice communications. Bluetooth 5.1 and three internal microphones provide the greatest connection for virtual meetings and hands-free talks.

A fast-paced and engaging animation video inspired by blood clots blends musical harmonics and red to visualize enjoying music to convey the creative idea for the limited edition Beosound A1. The Beosound A1 is set to release at JUICE and Bang & Olufsen stores, along with their online stores, commencing on December 12.

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