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Chuwi Unveils the New Pocket Laptop MiniBook X: Hole Punch Display, Yoga Mode and More

Chuwi is closing one of the most sensational years for tech gadgets with a bang. The company has recently unveiled a new compact laptop, the MiniBook X.

The MiniBook X is a pocket-sized laptop with a lot of cool features and specifications. Let’s dive a little bit into what this compact laptop brings to the table.

Chuwi MiniBook X: All You Need to Know

The MiniBook X is a successor of one of Chuwi’s best-selling laptop-cum-tablet, the MiniBook which was launched in May. Now, it has all the necessary hardware upgrades which make it a good choice for people in the current times.

The foldable design of the laptop with a dedicated keyboard and a 360° yoga mode makes it a laptop as well as a tablet.

Depending on the use case, one can use it for doing productive work and watching entertainment content as well.

Design and Display

The design of MiniBook X is like other laptops in the market. Except for the fact that it is much compact than the other ones. Usually, you will find 14-inch laptops in the market with some exceptions.

chuwi minibook x

MiniBook X comes with a 10.8-inch 2K display with an aspect ratio of 16:10. It also features a punch-hole camera at the very top left side. The MiniBook X works both as a laptop and a tablet so the display can also double as a touchscreen when you are using it as a tablet.

The 10.8-inch compact form factor makes it easy to carry around and it is great for tasks like photo editing, watching movies, and stuff.

The keyboard on this one goes from edge to edge with and it also has a little trackpad so that you can use it as a dedicated laptop.


As mentioned earlier, the MiniBook X features a 5-Megapixel front camera in a hole-punch design with HD resolution. The cameras on laptops and tablets are never the best quality because users need them for video calls.

As long as you need the front camera for meetings and video calls with your friends, the MiniBook X can get the job done for you with ease.


Now let’s talk about the hardware because that is one of the most important aspects of any gadget.

On the hardware side of things, the MiniBook X comes with pretty decent specs. The laptop-cum-tablet comes with 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 512GB of SSD. It is powered by a 2.8GHz 11th Gen Intel N5100 Processor and comes with Intel UHD Graphics.

That amount of RAM on a compact device like the MiniBook X can handle minor tasks. Document editing, basic video editing, entry-level gaming can be done smoothly on this laptop.

512GB of storage allows you to install a good amount of apps and games. The storage is also more than enough for you to keep all the data on the device.


The laptop-cum-tablet comes with a modern USB Type-C port that supports 45W PD 2.0 Fast Charge. The Type-C port also allows you to easily share files and other data across many devices.


The price of the MiniBook X is not yet finalized but it will be somewhere around USD 599. Considering the specs and features that this laptop brings, the pricing seems a little expensive. Yet, we will have to see how people react to it once it hits the market.

Closing Phrase

That was all about the MiniBook X. Given the compact-form factor and versatility, this is going to be an ideal side device for many people to do their productive work. But, the laptop-cum-tablet market is quite competitive. The launch of this device will put it into the competition with the like of Microsoft Surface Go, iPads. It will be interesting to see how it performs.

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