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Canon Unveils $13299 4K Outdoor PTZ Camera

Labeled by Fortune Magazine as World’s Most Admired Company, Canon USA., Inc, recently announced yet another product. The industry leader in digital imaging solutions has named the youngest of their legacy, a pan-tilt-zoom camera, the CR-X300 4K Outdoor PTZ.

Canon has decided to release the camera in the new year, making it available for purchase in February of 2022. Interested consumers can expect the product to slim down their wallet as Canon has priced it at $13,299 USD.

Specifically designed to withstand the elements, the CR-X300 was created with aluminium die-cast housing which allows the camera to continue performing throughout strong winds and rains in harsh monsoon and storm conditions. It is accompanied by a lens wiper to reduce maintenance and shield the camera lens from the effects of dust, water and foreign substances. The camera itself abides by international IP65 standards meaning it is resistant to moisture as well as dust.

Users who frequent outdoor spaces for filming such as outdoor sporting events, animal and aviary watching, flora and fauna observations, weather observations, garden park and theme park tours, etc. Such a camera would be remiss without protection against the sun through built in neutral-density filters.

Amassing a weight just below 16 pounds, the CR-X300 4K Outdoor PTZ is considered lightweight and even comes with a carrying handle making it easy on your hands. However, there is little to no need for that as the camera includes a ΒΌ 20 insert so that users have the ability to mount it on a tripod. This makes the CR-X300 a strong contender for both permanent and short-term shoots.

In efforts to reduce the labor and cost of installation, Canon’s latest filming apparatus can be entirely controlled by just one LAN (Local Area Network) cable. This is because the camera is compatible with the POE++ (Power Over Ethernet) standard.

Other video IO’s such as HDMI, Genlock or 6G-SDI are also provided by the CR-X300.

Apart from Real Transport Protocol (RTP) and Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), the outdoor camera is also compatible with Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), making live streaming an easy and accessible option for users. For customers who prefer to create specific production environments – for more control over image coordination – the CR-X300 also supports NDI HX Protocol (Network Device Interface).

Customers who have used the CR-N500 or the CR-N300 Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera, will notice that the CR-X300 is compatible with most of the same protocols. Canon’s XC protocols ensure that these three PTZ cameras can be IP controlled. This allows them to work with Canon’s Cinema EOS using the RC-IP100 controller.

The PTZ cameras can also be controlled by Remote Camera Technology by other industry giants and Canon’s very own Remote Camera Control Application Software. Camera enthusiasts may also be pleased to know that along with their other cameras they can control the CR-X300 via VISCA Serial Control or VISCA over IP.

Canon’s new CR-X300 4K Outdoor PTZ boasts sensitive as well as smooth pan and tilt movements for professional outcomes. True to its discursive name, the camera system actually does provide 4K 30P and 1080 60P as well as 10-bit 4:2:2 video. Aside from that, the CR-X300 also includes a 20x optical zoom lens.

Core imaging solutions – like autofocus capabilities and image qualities – that were used by Canon in their famed line of PTZ camcorders, have also been used in the CR-X300.

Canon aims to fill the current growing demand for on-location filming equipment by creating more and more remote camera systems. This consumer demand is further fueled by audiences’ demand for video content.

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