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Canon Launches New Arizona 6100 Mark II Flatbed Printer and FLXfinish+ Solution

Canon is not just a big name in the camera world, they are also dominant in the printing solutions market. Just recently, Canon has made two big announcements. The first one is the launch of FLXfinish+ for its Colorado series and then there is the new Arizona 6100 Mark II flatbed printer. So let’s know more about these products:

FLXfinish+ Solution

If we talk about the FLXfinish+ solution then it is a patented UVgel technology that is one-of-its-kinds in many areas. It has a very remarkable feature to print both matte and gloss finish in a single print. All you have to do is simply press the button.

The reason why this is remarkable is that it allows all the PSPs(Print Service Providers) to provide their users with a number of options for print finishes from the same printer. This saves tons of costs for the PSPs. Moreover, it also unlocks tons of customization options that these PSPs can offer to other brands for their advertising as they can create stunning banners with glossy highlights and also create some classy indoor decor themes.

For people who are wondering what are the running costs of this new solution and how it is going to affect the printing then, Canon has cleared that this UVgel technology does not require any additional varnish channel or consumables. What’s even more interesting is that it does it all in just a single step and the entire process is completely automated. That means it does not require any supervision and any additional running costs.

As of now, this interesting FLXfinish+ solution tech will be only standard on all the Colorado 1650s and optional on Colorado 1630s. If someone already has a Colorado 1630s and 1650s, they can also buy this solution as an upgrade.

Again, this is a great solution for all the printing services as they do not have to invest in two separate finishes. They can print them both using the FLXfinish+ solution and give the best value to their customers.

New Arizona 6100 Mark II

Canon has also launched a new flatbed printer in the Arizona series and this one is Arizona 6100 Mark II which is the fastest flatbed in the series(as per Canon).

This is a flagship flatbed printer from Canon and it is made for high-volume, large-format graphics producers. As per Canon, it is highly “reliable” and provides seamless integration.

Now canon has claimed that the Arizona 6100 Mark II series is the fastest flatbed printer in the Arizona family. And to prove that, here are some of the numbers from the printer itself:

  • It has a print speed of up to 220m²/hr (2,368ft²/hr)
  • It can easily serve print requirements with volumes of 20,000m² (200,000ft²) up to 300,000m² (3,000,000ft²) per year.

These are some crazy numbers for sure!

There are two variants of the Arizona 6100 Mark II. First of all, we have the Arizona 6100 XTS Mark II. This is for organizations that have a more varied range of substrates. So if you handle multiple boards and unusually shaped substrates then this one would be good.

Then there is Arizona 6100 XTHF Mark II and this one comes with Arizona High-FLOW technology. This is more for the industries that work on large format graphics and packaging.

The suction on this one is 15 times stronger than the suction of Arizona XTS. And can work on porous substrates like cardboard and plywood.

The new Arizona 6100 Mark II series of printers is truly remarkable as it is working towards providing automation to the users by bringing new technological innovations. Although the general consumer might not use these products directly, they still play a key role in our daily lives by making our lives easier and more advanced.

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