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Canon launches imageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner Receipt Edition

In reality, it can be unpleasant every time a document arrives in our physical mailbox in an age where we conduct the vast bulk of our “paperwork” online & converse via email. To address this problem, Canon unveiled the imageFormula R40 Office Document Scanner at the beginning of the year.

This scanner automates the conversion of paper documents into digital files, allowing us to store them where they belong – on computers or in the cloud. The R40 was the entry-level model in Canon’s imageFormula desktop scanners and provided home workers and small businesses with an inexpensive, efficient alternative.

This time, to promote “Harmony at Work” for small and medium-sized firms & to enhance work productivity, Canon has announced the new office document scanner, the successor of the imageFormula R40 Document Scanner (receipt model).

Scanning Simplicity at its Best

With the latest Canon office document scanner, accountants and bookkeepers can swiftly process receipts and transfer them into Intuit QuickBooks Online for better record-keeping using Canon’s CaptureOnTouch scanning software.

With an expanded functionality of QuickBooks Online users, the innovative imageFORMULA R-40 Office Document Scanner Receipt model streamlines business & finance administration. The imageFORMULA R40 Receipt model is for budding company owners who handle their money, account maintenance & finance process in sectors like legal departments.

This new scanner gives the high-quality image you have come to expect from the Canon name and will be a necessary tool for business customers.

According to a recent Intuit survey, there are more than 5 million users of QuickBooks Online. By enabling automatic receipt scanning and data extraction, Canon’s software will help these users import receipt data into QuickBooks Online in a single step. Other documents can be scanned, first to a compatible file such as a PDF, then uploaded to QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online can be used in educational settings by students who are learning how to utilize it. QuickBooks Online consumers have got the freedom to use the software wherever they like with the program’s compact design and simple installation.

Maximize Productivity with Easy Setup

The ImageFormula R40 new edition might seem a bit unnecessary given how many printers we currently use in our home offices & larger workplaces come equipped with a built-in scanner. However, you will be aware of how time-consuming a task could be; if you frequently scan double-sided multi-page documents.

Excellent for desktop purposes, the imageFORMULA R-40 Office Document Scanner Receipt model is easy to set up & use the USB cord that is provided. It can scan in color on both sides of a page in one pass for improved usability and throughput, and the automatic feeder can hold around 60 sheets, reducing the need to feed papers in a single time frame in a manual mode.

Business cards, long, thick, or thin papers & receipts can be scanned using the imageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner Receipt Edition. The image FORMULA R40 Receipt Edition’s one-click scanning capability and pre-programming make it simple to scan receipts at up to 40 pages per minute. To convert the tedious process into a much simpler one, users can create shortcuts on their scanners.

For scanning mixed quantities of text documents, it has an auto-resolution setting. Optical character recognition (OCR) is included to aid in the creation of searchable and editable data.

The imageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner Receipt Edition comes at $399. A year of limited warranty is added for advanced exchange service in the imageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner Receipt Edition scanner. Directly through Canon, you can also choose an extended warranty option.

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