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Nikon unveils NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2 SE lens

The NIKKOR Z 40 mm (SE) f/2, the latest full-frame with FX-based mirrorless photographic camera focus lens from Nikon that the company states as having a “heritage model that fits the Nikon Z fc,” has been made available by the brand. In the mode of a knurled-based ring, the exclusive mode of the prime focus lens borrows design from earlier versions, the iconic NIKKOR focus lenses.

The optical mode of this camera is identical to that of the standard NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2, with an extended aperture of f/2. The prime lens, which is approximately 45.5 mm long and weighs 170g, and both lenses give photography enthusiasts a rounded bokeh, are both available.

Bringing a heritage design

The 40mm f/2 prime’s special edition is more than just a lens; it’s a style to photograph. Its small size and pleasant tactile feel make it easy to use, and its traditional styling enhances the appearance of any Z camera. Along with the original lens’ excellent low-light performance, lovely bokeh, and natural angle of view, this results in a 40mm prime that is truly exceptional.

Given its small size and lightweight – it weighs around 170 g and has a total length of about 45.5 mm – it can be carried just about any place.

NIKKOR Z 40mm f2 (SE)

The lens’s 40 mm focal length provides a very variable standard field of view, making it excellent for a wide range of scenarios and topics, including bokeh-focused portraits, quick photographs, and images of static objects.

It covers the ideal focal length range between 35mm and 50mm on full-frame/FX-format cameras such as the Z 6II & Z 5. It provides a 60mm (equivalent to 35mm format) field of view on cameras with APS-C size/DX formats like the Z fc, Z 50 & Z 30.

The NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2 (SE) is equipped with exceptional optical performance, an efficient auto-focus system, and dust & drip resistance, in addition to being intended to effortlessly match the user’s aesthetic and increase the delight of shooting and ownership.

Classic and fast

The NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2 (SE) is exceptional for videos of all kinds, be it vlogs or theatrical films. Owing to its natural field of view and nearly silent auto-focus, along with suppressed focus breathing and a 9-rounded-blade iris, this all has been made possible!

Users can use quicker shutter speeds to capture motion without compromising brightness and capture the atmosphere of dimly lit scenes with clarity and sharpness.

Regardless of whether Eye-Detection AF or continuous subject tracking is being used, the latest stepping motor of high-end torque works at lightning speed in almost complete silence. Users can get closer to their subjects with the 0.29 m minimum focus distance.

The smooth, click-free control ring can be adjusted to fit your shooting style. You can use it to change the aperture, ISO, or exposure compensation, or for fine manual focusing. Adopting an STM (stepping motor) allows for high-speed and precise AF with minimal operational noise and compact body size preservation.

Stepping motors are used in NIKKOR Z lenses to provide quick, precise, quiet, and quiet auto-focus with less wobbling. The lenses are excellent for use when filming video because of their silent driving design.

When using auto exposure during continuous shooting, a highly precise electromagnetic diaphragm system in the lens barrel controls the aperture blades. The latest NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2 (SE) will go on sale at $309.95.

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