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Nikon Introduces Digital Sight 10 Microscope Camera

Nikon Instruments Inc., a microscopy subsidiary of Nikon Healthcare in the US, has become a world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of optical and digital imaging technology, especially for biomedical applications.

Nikon Instruments are the innovators of world-class microscope systems, and this time has announced the release of a single microscope camera, enabled with the acquisition of 6K pixel resolution images of color and monochrome. The Digital Sight 10 microscope camera can acquire images of the said resolution across a large field of view.


In recent years, biomedicine and neurobiology have made significant scientific advances. Current research involving fast biological dynamics necessitates minute and in-depth observations. The research has been defined by observation and experimentation with large samples, including live cells or an entire organism under a microscope.

As research advances with each passing year, the need for systems that can support a wide range of experimentations increases gradually while allowing the observation of specimens without changing their alignment. With scientific advancements emerges the need for advanced tools to help research.

To cater to the demands for a digital microscope camera that would support the acquisition of large data volumes alongside the observation of fine specimens, Nikon has introduced the Digital Sight 10 camera. The microscope camera is equipped with the functionality to acquire HD images besides a wide visual area.

Equipped with Nikon FX-format CMOS image sensors, the camera is optimized for observing microscopic images at 6K pixels resolution with a 25mm field of view. Besides, the color and monochrome mode switching function enables it to capture color and monochrome images by using a single camera.

Also, by combining the camera with imaging software of NIS-Elements, which are separately sold, the images acquired can be analyzed and displayed while allowing its use for various applications, be it pathological diagnosis or biomedicine research.

Main Features

The single microscope digital camera is designed to acquire color and monochrome images. The superimposing color and monochrome image deviation are reduced upon using a single sensor, thereby having enhanced visibility over the observed specimen by notifying the minute details present in them.

The switching between modes is quite easy and is carried out by switching between the IR and color filters to choose monochrome and color filters, respectively. Be it an upright or inverted research microscope, the camera is suited to capture precise HD images across a large field of view.

A wide field of view of 25 mm reduces the visual time for biomedical research while also lowering the need to capture multiple images. The image generation time important for image tiling for pathological tests is also shortened, contributing to improved throughput.

The camera makes it possible to acquire images of high resolution – 6K pixels, up to the periphery of the field of view. Such functionality makes the camera perfect for localization analysis and easy to observe detailed and minute specimens.

Additionally, the camera allows live display of samples at high frame rates – 9fps and 66fps. As a result, precise focusing is also enabled at convenience, eliminating stress.

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