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Best Home Security Cameras 2022: Keep Watch from Afar

We live in an anxious world where keeping one step ahead of things has become more crucial than ever. Installing a home security cam in your home is an affordable and reassuring solution to gift yourself some peace of mind. It can up your preparedness for emergencies and give you an action plan to deal with unfortunate situations.

Choosing the best home cam, however, can be quite a pain. You have to sift through the numerous options available in the market today, each promising the moon. But the best choice for you will simply be one that understands your needs and eases the anxiety you seek to address.

Features to look for in a Home Security Cam

Easy installation is a prerequisite that most users seek when purchasing a cam. You don’t want anything with too much wiring or hard-to-acquire hubs. No gadget should demand you to fiddle around with the mounting for an entire afternoon. Adequate weatherproofing is another imperative if you buy an outdoor or dual-purpose cam. Looking for an IP65 rating is helpful here.

Let us list a couple of other essentials you should check when zeroing down on a cam:

  • Night vision: Nights are when the mind is in the worst state of unrest. The best security cams offer color night vision and the ability to discern details.
  • Motion and sound detection: Your home cam should be able to detect motion accurately and alert you instantly. It is vital to select a cam that can identify movement and sound precisely. You do not want to be alerted each time the wind blows faster than usual!
  • Real-time alerts: Most cams have a way of updating you and keeping you posted with happenings in your surveyed area. You can view these alerts on your phone, tablet, etc. If live footage is something you require, ensure that the cam provides for 24/7 monitoring and recording. Some gadgets also allow you to sync with your existing home security system, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.
  • Two-way audio: It is one of the most sought-after uses of a home security cam. This provision lets you communicate with people at your doorstep, pets, children, etc., from anywhere.
  • Video storage: Some cams let you store videos and photos on the cloud for free while others might demand payment. You can get products with SD cards or flash drives if you need local storage.
  • Battery backup: Your cam running out of battery can be nightmarish, especially in an emergency. Look for cameras with good battery backup, easy charging, or swappable batteries.
  • Professional monitoring support: If you need advanced surveillance such as facial recognition or would like rich notifications for motion and sound, you can subscribe to a monitoring plan. Many makers let you buy these plans (at a monthly or yearly charge) to access personalized monitoring solutions.

Best Home Security Cameras 2022

Whether you want an indoor camera to keep an eye on your pet or a floodlight cam to make your nights secure, here are the choicest options the market has to offer.

Our Pick: WYZE Cam v3

wyze cam v3

Arguably, the best all-around security camera for your home is the 1080p HD WYZE Cam v3 at around $36.

Reasons to buy:

  • Perfect if you want an outdoor plus indoor cam
  • Good motion detection
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free cloud storage for video for 14 days
  • Excellent color night vision
  • Plenty of storage for video recordings
  • Smooth operation with Alexa and Google Assistant

Reasons to avoid:

  • Does not provide geo-fencing
  • Sound detection could be less accurate than some other cams on this list
  • Not battery powered
  • Need for wiring could be a limitation
  • Some features like person detection require payment and subscription

Why we chose it

This fantastic gadget boasts color night vision, continuous video recording, and accurate motion detection. Its innovative starlight sensor comes with an f/1.6 aperture. It lets you record night video in color even in considerably dim environments (up to 25 times darker). It is a much brighter outlook than many regular security cameras you may have used before.

This wired cam permits you to record video as well – you can pop in a MicroSD card (32GB). Charmingly, this video camera is IFTTT certified (If This Then That), so you can easily link different applications and gadgets you may be using at home. It works smoothly with both Android 5.0+ and iOS 9.0+.

This light, nifty cam (7.5 ounces) is perfect for indoor and outdoor installation, thanks to its IP65 rating for weather resistance. You can use it around the year, rain included, without fretting about water damage. As an indoor cam, it does a deft job of looking out for your pets or children when you are away.

Motion detection is a helpful feature of this camera, allowing you to identify motion or sound and get instantly alerted on your phone. You can fine-tune the settings per your requirements to skip unnecessary alerts. But you will not miss out on critical events either. For example, you want notifications for delivery people but not falling branches. PIR motion recording is absent here, which can be a concern if person detection is one of your priorities.

WYZE provides free cloud storage for video for up to 14 days, after which you can choose to subscribe. If you are not willing to get behind the payment wall, this can be a limitation.

You can operate this cam with Alexa and Google Assistant. An integrated, de-cluttered environment for all your devices bodes well for mental peace. It also offers two-way audio, so the convenience of use is top-notch. (You will be unable to use the one-way talk with Alexa.)

If you are looking for AI service or motion-activated lighting, you will be disappointed. But at this price point, this cam delivers the best performance you can expect for an outdoor plus indoor camera. It has quickly garnered quite a reputation for versatility and affordability – and by the looks of it, rightly so.

Best Outdoor: Google Nest Cam

google nest cam outdoor

The excellent Google Nest Cam is among your best bets if you are looking for an outdoor security camera. It doesn’t come cheap at around $189.00 but combines unique features like an inbuilt mic and adjustable mount.

Reasons to buy:

  • Detailed night vision with zoom
  • Smart alerts and notifications
  • Inbuilt speaker and mic for two-way communication
  • Easy to install with an innovative magnetic mount
  • Impressive facial recognition
  • 24/7 live video streaming
  • Easy emergency call when you are away from home
  • Integrates well with Google Assistant

Reasons to avoid:

  • Color night vision is missing
  • Does not have swappable batteries, unlike some other picks
  • Lacks support with Alexa or IFTTT
  • Steep price point
  • Subscription to Nest Aware is expensive
  • Local video and photo storage not available

Why we chose it:

The Nest Cam has remarkable night vision that shows you a crystal-clear view (130-degree, 8x zoom) in 1080p HD. With 24/7 live streaming, you can keep a constant eye on your house and stay assured that all is well. Google has equipped this cam with a handy talk-back feature through an inbuilt speaker and mic. A concise three-hour snapshot of your surveillance history is another beneficial addition to let you do a quick assessment of things.

This cam’s level of detail is fantastic, allowing you to track visitors, vehicles, etc., through the day and night. Works wonders to fix frazzled nerves! The 11-ounce cam connects neatly with your phone, letting you view live video through the day and night. It alerts you whenever it detects something amiss – motion or sound.

As an outdoor camera, it naturally prioritizes weatherproof parts. It has an IP65 rating for resistance and durability. Everything from the cable to the adapter is suitable for all seasons throughout the year.

You can easily communicate via the cam to get the attention of whoever’s at your door. You can also call 911 in case of an emergency when you’re away. It is a clear edge over many contemporaries that only provide one-way communication. What is more, if you subscribe to Nest Aware/Plus, you can access 60 days of video history, new intelligence alerts, and other tailored options. The subscription plans can be rather pricey, so you will have to factor that into your budget for home security solutions.

Many outdoor cameras come with lengthy installation procedures requiring expert assistance. Fortunately, this cam is super easy to set up with a magnetic mount. You will not need a hub either. Note that it plugs in to get powered up, so running out of battery isn’t something you will need to consider. However, the camera will be out of action when it needs to get charged.

Coordination with Alexa or other home security solutions via IFTTT can be a concern here. However, this cam syncs well with Google Assistant – no surprises there.

Best Spotlight Camera: Arlo Pro 4

arlo pro 4 spotlight camera

The Arlo Pro 4, boasting 2K HDR video and a wide, 160-degree viewing angle, is a neat choice for a spotlight camera. It comes with an integrated spotlight (2000 to 3000 lumens of brightness) that makes things feel safer at night.

Reasons to buy:

  • Wide viewing angle suitable to cover large areas
  • Quick installation via Wi-Fi
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Great picture quality
  • Perfect integration with your home security system or other third-party platforms
  • Two-way audio makes the cam useful as a front-door gadget

Reasons to avoid:

  • Costly purchase
  • Accessories like an outdoor power cable also tend to be expensive
  • Free features are limited
  • Some users report less than satisfactory object tracking

Why we chose it:

This cam offers stellar night vision in color, with the detailing rich enough for license plates. The video looks considerably sharper compared to many contemporaries in similar price ranges. Two-way audio makes it beneficial as a front door device for interacting with delivery people and visitors. Installing this weather-resistant cam is straightforward. It does not need a hub or wires and has Wi-Fi support to facilitate a quick installation.

The innovative image enhancement technologies built into this cam give it an edge over its peers. For instance, the wide lens corrects the image and decreases fisheye. Even if you zoom in on things in motion, the clarity is impressive. You do not have to fret about unwanted visitors or burglars looting your place in the wee hours.

The benefits are tangible if you plan to use the cam to survey a large area. The weather resistance is perfect, too, so the cam can comfortably withstand different conditions. Be warned that it is quite an expensive wireless cam at $179.99, so it makes sense only if your requirements warrant the cost.

Since this camera is completely free of wiring, you can redirect it to the best view for surveillance. It also simplifies integration with your devices and applications like Alexa and Samsung SmartThings. With instant notifications, dealing with situations like package deliveries, calling emergency services, etc., becomes infinitely smoother. Also, you will not face trouble while building an integrated security solution for your home.

This 11-ounce cam comes with some local storage options. It can also sync with a hub to allow access to your footage from anywhere. An Arlo Smart subscription will get you more goodies like cloud activity zones and better object detection. Since the purchase comes with a free trial, you can sample the ease that such a subscription can bring you.

On the flip side, too many features of this cam hide behind the Arlo subscription. It can be slightly off-putting, more so if AI features were on top of your list. Plus, not much seems to have evolved when compared to its predecessor. It isn’t a bad thing but can be disappointing if you had hoped for advancements.

Best Floodlight Camera: Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro

ring floodlight cam wired pro

The Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, with a bird’s eye view, a bright floodlight, and an inbuilt siren, is highly recommended for anyone seeking a floodlight camera to keep their homes secure.

Reasons to buy:

  • Bird’s eye view of your property
  • Customizable motion zones for enhanced accuracy
  • Durable camera and floodlights designed to sustain different weather conditions
  • Bright floodlight to illuminate the area under surveillance
  • Image quality is high
  • Easy to activate security siren
  • Subscription plan is more cost-effective than other competitors

Reasons to avoid:

  • Lacks local storage for your videos without a subscription plan
  • Does not support Google Assistant
  • Does not come with batteries and must be connected to a power adapter
  • Several features are available only with a subscription plan

Why we chose it:

This 1080p HD camera uses motion-activated LED floodlights (2000 lumen) to illuminate your space and sound the siren if required. It also offers two-way audio to let you interact with visitors, wanted or otherwise. This cam prioritizes 3D motion detection and noise reduction, both of which are top-of-the-rung. The bird’s eye view is the highlight of this gadget. It shows you an aerial view of your home and surroundings.

This cam gets you a 140-degree horizontal and an 80-degree vertical view. The HDR video is detailed and crisp, thus guaranteeing that nothing critical gets missed. Ring permits you to customize the motion zones; you can tweak things up to 30 feet to improve the accuracy. It is an excellent way to sharpen the surveillance and get notified only on what you deem deserving. The security siren – nice and loud at 110 dB – helps keep your peace of mind. It is remote-activated and can get enabled from any chosen device like a phone, tablet, etc.

This all-weather cam can operate in varying conditions. The Wi-Fi connectivity (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz) makes it more accessible as a home security solution. You can easily sync it with Alexa and feel connected at all times. The advanced view is coupled with notifications in real-time, realizing a very reassuring user experience. Compatibility with Google Assistant is, unfortunately, missing, in case that is your preferred digital tool.

The Ring cam offers a two-way talk feature to let you communicate with visitors. The audio incorporates superior noise cancellation, ensuring clear and precise conversations. You will find none of the graininess that people often associate with cameras.

With this purchase, you can subscribe to a Ring Protect Plan. It permits you to record the videos, share images, etc., depending upon your budget and needs. What is more, the plans are well-thought-out and offer better cost-effectiveness than some other picks on this list.

Since it is a wired cam, it needs to get plugged in for power. If a battery-operated camera is what you were seeking, you will miss that kind of flexibility here.

Best Indoor: Blink Indoor Wireless

blink indoor wireless

If your security cam needs are strictly indoors, then the Blink Indoor Wireless is your go-to option.

Reasons to buy:

  • Very easy to mount and install
  • Two-year battery life with minimal maintenance required
  • Affordable pricing
  • Customizable motion detection and privacy zones
  • USB flash drive for local video and photo storage

Reasons to avoid:

  • Person detection is missing
  • Requires a hub for installation
  • Free cloud storage is absent beyond the trial period unless you subscribe to a plan
  • Advanced motion detection features are not as good as other options on the list
  • Lacks continuous video recording
  • Does not sync with Google Assistant or HomeKit

Why we chose it:

It is a wireless cam with HD video, two-way audio capacity, and competent motion detection. Blink allows you to customize your motion alerts to minimize unnecessary notifications and false alarms. The infrared night vision makes it straightforward to check things even in the darkness. The user experience is seamless, primarily because of its compatibility with Alexa. It is also a sustainable security camera with two AA lithium batteries that last two years.

With Blink, you get a 110-degree diagonal view for monitoring – narrow compared to other alternatives. The picture quality is not bad for a cheap security cam.

The two-way audio feature is helpful for an indoor camera, letting you communicate with pets and family members. You can set up custom zones for privacy to monitor your home the way you like. This camera’s regard for privacy bodes well for an essentially indoor camera, especially in shared environments with multiple monitoring needs. However, it lacks superior motion detection features that you will find in many of its competitors. It also misses out on person detection. But at its cheap price point of around $80 only, it is not a bad deal.

Installing this cam is effortless, without the need for wiring or any professional help. You will, however, need a hub. The battery capacity gives you plenty of mental peace because you know that the batteries will not run out unexpectedly. In fact, this is a perk for anyone who dislikes plugging things in or changing batteries at regular intervals – two years is a long time!

The Blink cam is incredibly lightweight at just 1.69 ounces (48 grams). You can control it through Alexa-enabled devices and enjoy quick accessibility from anywhere. But you will not be able to sync it with Google Assistant or Apple’s HomeKit. If you aim to achieve the overall integration of your gadgets, it will be a dampener.

A subscription to the Blink plan can help you store videos or photos for future reference. You can keep data locally as well, thanks to a USB flash drive synced with the Blink Sync Module. You will have to purchase the drive separately. It is an added cost you should work into the pricing.


It is wise to focus on the cornerstones of safety when selecting a home security cam. You need a camera with a wide view to cover the entire area and then some. Options like the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro offer a bird’s eye view for a terrific picture. A 1080p resolution is preferred, as anything lower is likely to cut corners with detailing. You may also want motion and sound detection – accuracy is vital here – along with good battery backup.

Night vision, especially in color, and features such as spotlighting or floodlighting are more options to address your security needs. Two-way audio takes monitoring one mega step further as you can take action instead of just watching passively. Cams like the Arlo Pro 4 are particularly adept at this.

The camera you buy should be simple to install. It is why many modern cams do without wiring and hubs so that you, ideally, don’t require professional help when setting up. The trickier something is to install, the more challenging replacing batteries or charging can get. Repositioning the cam to optimize your field of view should also be straightforward.

If you have been thinking of getting a home security camera, this year might be a perfect time. You can find a way to quell your paranoia and care for your loved ones at home even when you are away. Many brands have options for specific needs, such as indoor cams, outdoor-only cams, and cams with sirens. With multiple brands and price buckets to choose from, it has become easier to find the right match for your household. Moreover, home cameras have become much more affordable now. A trusted gadget will last you a long time, so you can cherish the peace for years to come.

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