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Amazon’s Ring security cameras arrives in Japan

The ring has been on a journey to create neighborhoods safer since its inception in 2013. Ring’s smart home security product range & the Neighbours app provide consumers affordable whole-house and neighborhood security, from the first Video Doorbell to the award-winning DIY Ring Alarm system.

Amazon stated on the 13th that its “Ring series” doorbell and security camera series would be expanding in Japan. On April 20, pre-order sales for the Ring Video Doorbell 4, Ring Indoor Cam, and Ring Stick Up Cam Battery, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, will begin.

The Ring Video Doorbell 4 battery comes at 23,980 yen, the Ring Indoor Cam costs 6980 yen, and the Ring Stick Up Cam battery is available for 11980 yen and will be equipped with Privacy Zones.

Ring Indoor Cam

The ring is a home security camera that allows you to look inside and outside your house using your compatible smartphone or Echo device, whether at home or not, and watch your family.

ring indoor cam

Indoor Cam is a little camera that offers smart security inside. It’s the perfect way to keep an eye on what’s happening at home. Thanks to its simple plug-in installation, it’s tiny enough to fit virtually any place, and it’ll provide you peace of mind in no time.

It may be put on a shelf, mounted on a wall, or suspended from the ceiling, and it offers numerous “watching” features from various locations in your house, such as speech and motion detection & a live video function for 1080p video through Ring App and Alexa-enabled Amazon devices.

The camera’s diagonal angle of view is 140 degrees. As a result, customers may use the Ring app to operate many Indoor Cams in their apartment or house from a single dashboard.

Ring Video Doorbell 4

The Ring Video Doorbell 4 is a doorbell that can also be used as a “door-phone” when mounted at the front door. When the doorbell motion sensor detects movement at the front door, a real-time notice is delivered to the Ring app on a smartphone connected via Wi-Fi. In addition, a 1080p video picture is presented on the associated smartphone screen or Echo Show when the visitor rings the doorbell.

ring video doorbell 4

You can go back and confirm or respond to the previous status. The primary 1080p HD video is bright and sharp enough to distinguish faces and name tags, and it was captured with HDR (high dynamic range) and the infrared night vision to help deal with the light beaming directly at your door.

Customers will be notified when a guest uses the Ring Video Doorbell 4, which connects with suitable Echo and Fire TV devices. In addition, Alexa may be asked to reply to the visitor and “speak” to them through a connected Amazon Echo device.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is dust- and a splash-proof camera can be used indoors and outside. It has a removable battery and may be utilized without cables. The camera’s diagonal angle of view is 130 degrees.

ring stick up cam battery

It has night vision and lives video compatibility of up to 1080p HD video. Even when the light is turned off, you can inspect the high-resolution image and utilize it to keep an eye on the garage. Infrared motion detection, camera sensor, and Ring app notification are included.


The ring also releases accessories to make a home living even more comfortable, such as the Chime Pro and Intercom Replacement Cover and these new products. Chime Pro features a built-in nightlight and a repeater capability that increases your Ring devices’ Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Intercom Replacement Cover is developed specifically for Japanese consumers to fit over their current door station, even though the Ring Video Doorbell is smaller than most door stations.

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