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Bowers & Wilkins brings a new AM-1 speaker with stylish design and flexibility!

Installing outside speakers is one of the simplest ways to make adversaries in your locality. With their new AM-1 outdoor speaker, Bowers & Wilkins wants to help shred the fragile fabric that binds your community together. The B&W AM-1 will let you burn spans in style, with a 1″ tweeter, 5″ bass driver with passive radiator, and a novel mounting solution.

The B&W AM1 is a two-way outdoor speaker that can survive rain, wind, UV rays, and harsh temperatures. It benefits from the latest technology developed by B&W for its home speakers to provide high-quality sound reproduction outside and an outstanding design with a very inconspicuous mounting.

Architectural Monitor is the meaning of the letters in AM-1’s name, which should provide you with some insight into the design process. It was designed to be a loudspeaker that architects – and anyone else involved in space design – could use to deliver high-quality audio.

Hi-Fi quality sound

The AM-1 speaker delivers Bowers & Wilkins sound, no matter how harsh the situation. As a result, the AM-1 speakers are ideal for use on the patio, near a pool, conservatory, or garden, where ordinary speakers would wilt.

bowers and wilkins am-1 speaker

Because it’s a Bowers & Wilkins loudspeaker, it must sound well. As a result, AM-1 adapts all we know about high-end audio to fit the needs of a multipurpose, all-weather monitor.

The water-resistant, UV-resistant housing is strong and well-sealed. In addition, AM-1 has sound and scale far beyond its compact proportions. B&W’s characteristic Nautilus tube-loaded 25mm aluminum dome tweeter and 130mm glass fiber mid/bass driver, supplemented with an auxiliary bass radiator for the firm, powerful bass response.

Bowers & Wilkins speakers can be discovered in some of the world’s most prestigious studios, notably Abbey Road. Hence, it’s no surprise that they sound significantly better than the ordinary outdoor speaker.

Because there is no open bass port to rely on, producing powerful bass with a tiny, sealed speaker is difficult. ABRs (Auxiliary Bass Radiators) are fitted to the back of each speaker by Bowers & Wilkins to get around this. These bends allow the bass to travel further while preserving the cabinet sealed and weatherproof.

As you’d anticipate from Bowers & Wilkins indoor speakers, you now get rich, full-range sound. The speaker is installed high on a wall and blends tried-and-true technology with innovations like an inverted driver array for optimal sound dispersion.

Enhanced flexibility and superb design

The sleek cast aluminum wall bracket contains an inventive one-plug mounting method & AM-1 has been meticulously engineered to be straightforward to install. It is combined with limited wall projection and a design that allows for a 220-degree tilt on the speaker.

In addition to the AM-1’s driver complement and audio-related specifications, the AM-1’s innovative mounting method should provide enough versatility to ensure that sound is always projected beyond your backyard and into your grateful neighbor’s yard.

Unlike most outdoor speakers, which have two attachment points to the mounting bracket, the AM-1 only has one. As a result, it allows the peaceful-neighbourhood-devouring AM-1 to be mounted with a partially visible bracket, giving it a cleaner appearance than most outdoor speakers.

The AM-1s are available in matte black or matte white, and they look great in any setting. The mesh grilles make these speakers even more durable, which look excellent and protect the drivers behind them.

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