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Bose Unveils New Truly Wireless QuietComfort Earbuds II

A big credit for noise cancellation in headphones goes to Bose as they were the flagbearer for this technology. Interestingly, Bose is again planning to bring innovation, and this time it is in the form of TWS earbuds. The brand has recently announced their next generation TWS noise-canceling earbuds and they are calling them the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II.

These new Bose earbuds come with an exclusive new design and a lot of innovative features like Bose CustomTune, custom audio and noise cancellation experience, and more. Now, let’s explore what the new QC Earbuds II brings to the customers.

Compact All-Around

One thing that Bose focused on this time is making the earbuds more compact. Comparatively, these are about one-third smaller than the previous generation. In terms of weight, these are less than a quarter of an ounce.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II

The charging case of the earbuds is also compact and can fit easily into your pockets. Compact does not mean discomfort for the ear. This time, Bose has added an ear tip Fit Kit that comes with new technology. You get a two-piece system and they have interchangeable stability bands and ear tips. So you are definitely going to get all-day comfort with these earbuds.

CustomTune Noise Cancellation, Aware Mode, etc.

The new Bose QC Earbuds II comes with a new CustomTune sound calibration technology. It is automatically activated when you put your earbuds on. So the earbuds play a sound when you put them. Now the mic inside the earbuds records the ear canal’s acoustic response. The earbuds use this data and create custom audio and noise cancellation profile for you. All of this happens blazingly fast in about half a second.

CustomTune helps to achieve balanced audio that has nuance, clarity, and depth. The technology also adapts continuously as you move to different environments. As a result, you get the best noise cancellation out there.

There is an Aware Mode with ActiveSense and it is basically an enhanced version of transparency mode. The new QC Earbuds II uses 4 mics on each bud for noise cancellation which is quite impressive.

Next Level Comfort and Stability with Eartip Fit Kit

Noise cancellation also depends on how well the earbuds fit your ears and this time Bose made sure that they ensure a perfect fit. While most TWS earbuds just have a single-piece silicone ear tip, these earbuds come with a new two-piece system.

There is a stability band that gently sits on the contour of your ear, securing the fit. Then there is the umbrella-shaped silicone ear tip that seals the ear opening firmly. So you get a secure and comfortable fit and the sound isolation is also enhanced significantly.

To make the new two-piece system successful, Bose is also adding a Bose Fit Kit. The kit comes with three ear tips and three stability bands. So you can change and pair them according to your ear’s shape, ensuring that you get the perfect fit.

Other Basic Specs

In terms of compatibility, the new QC Earbuds II can work seamlessly with both Apple and Android platforms. They come with Bluetooth 5.3 which is the latest standard for Bluetooth connectivity.

Users can easily wear them to their workouts and use them in rough conditions as they are IPX4 rated, making them sweat and water-resistant.

The battery life of the earbuds itself is around 6 hours and then you can also get additional 18 hours of playback with the charging case. And yes, they do support quick charging.

Just like any other premium earbuds, you get touch controls on each earbud that you can use to play/pause, raise/lower the volume, etc.

Then there is the supporting Bose Music app that allows further customization like changing noise cancellation modes, adjusting EQ, etc.

Pricing and Availability

The new Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II are available for pre-order in the US. You can book them from the official site of Bose.

As of now, they are only available in the Triple Black color and they will be available starting September 15th. The price for the TWS earbuds is USD 299. The Soapstone color will be coming sometime later this year.

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