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Bose introduces its new edition of portable speakers – SoundLink Flex

Bose has introduced the latest member of the iconic SoundLink Bluetooth speaker family – the SoundLink Flex. The new portable speaker has a grabbable and ultra-ruggedized design, delivering the best audio performance, unlike a speaker of its size.

The latest speaker is packed with exclusive Bose technologies, allowing it to deliver a deep and lucid sound, powerful enough for indoors and loud enough for all forms of outdoor ventures.

It comes with the exclusive Bose PositionIQâ„¢ technology for automatic detection of the speaker’s orientation. In other words, regardless of the speaker being upright, flat, hanging, or back, it is optimized to bring a rich and lifelike sound to the users.

This feature distinguishes it from other portable speakers. It is packed with 12 hours of battery life, making it a tough and portable workforce.

Exclusive design for a revolutionary performance

bose soundlink flex colors

The SoundLink Flex utilizes every inch of its enclosure to offer an astounding audio performance. It encompasses a customer transducer, the biggest it could fit, maximizing audio clarity, offering users to hear every instrument and vocal clarity with the perfect combination of bass.

Bose has made it dramatically possible to minimize sound distortion with the proprietary digital signal processing technology, ensuring natural and fuller sound to the users. Through Bose PositionIQ technology, the SoundLink Flex can detect its orientation and adjust automatically to deliver uncompromised audio.

With its transcendent IP67 rating and premium materials, the speaker is designed rugged and resilient, ready to take on anything. Packaged with a soft silicone back and a powder-coated steel grille, the exclusive design protects itself from any injury and makes it resistant to corrosion and UV.

The setup is tightly sealed with acoustic components, keeping water and dirt away without compromising the sound quality. It is even designed to float on water, and its durable utility loop is effective in attaching to a carabineer on your bag or hanging from a beach chair.

The speaker measures 7.9″ wide, 2.1″ deep, and 3.6″ high and weighs over 1 pound. It’s remarkable ultra-lightweight makes it fit effortlessly on hand and easy to grab, presenting an elegant look. It comes in three magnetic colors – White Smoke, Black, and Stone Blue.

Meteoric connection and extraordinary compatibility

The installation process for the SoundLink Flex is easy, displaying simple voice prompts for Bluetooth pairing with mobile devices within seconds. It remembers multiple pairings, as much as eight, for seamless device switching.

Utilizing the Bose connect app, users can control the Flex, customize and personalize the settings, and get the latest software updates at ease.

The on-speaker buttons allow power on/off, volume up/down, play or pause tracks or enable Bluetooth pairing. The phone’s voice assistant can also make calls and commands through the built-in microphone with remarkable clarity.

The speaker presents a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, offering 12 hours of battery backup for uninterrupted playback. The Flex uses USB-C charging, with a strategic arrangement of the charging port placed on the adjacent sides of the utility loop, allowing the charge and play service.

Additionally, it allows pairing a second SoundLink Flex or other Bose Speaker for stereo or party mode, working flawlessly, extending the listening experience with the Bose SimpleSync technology. While connected, the mobile voice assistant can be commanded to play music on the smart speaker, playing simultaneously.

At just $149, the SoundLink Flex undercuts other portable speakers like the Sonos Ram, sounding way better than speakers of such size. The latest edition of Bose Speaker is available at Bose.com.

Source: Bose

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