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Boox Launches the New Nova Air C with On-Cell Touch and Warm Lights

Boox is a popular brand among ePaper tablet users and if you are one of those then you will be happy to hear this good news. Just recently, Boox has announced the new Nova Air C which is their advanced ePaper tablet.

Last year Boox launched the Nova3 Color which a lot of people loved and the new Boox Nova Air C is just a more advanced color product from Boox.

This new ePaper tablet comes with a new E Ink color screen combined with On-Cell touch technology. On top of that, you also get Android 11 OS to make an immersive reading, writing, and multitasking experience for the users.

Not only that, but Boox has also announced some magnetic accessories and warm lights. This makes the new Nova Air C one of the best eReader available online.

Get the Best Screen

To give users the best reading experience, Boox decided to provide users with the most usable and paperlike color E Ink screen. That is why the new Nova Air C comes with the E Ink color screen Kaleido Plus with their new On-Cell technology.

This screen looks like a paper and it has a Paper Similarity Index(PSI) of 86(verified by TÜV Rheinland) which is higher than other products in the same category as per Boox. The screen also has Paper Like Display Certification from TÜV Rheinland Greater China (“TÜV Rheinland”).

The new Nova Air C is also much better than the Nova3 Color in terms of showing colors to the users. As per Boox, it has 30% better contrast and 15% better saturation with front lights on. And when the lights are off, it still provides 6% and 14% better performance in contrast and saturation compared to Nova3 Color.

Then there is the built-in color adjustment feature that allows users to adjust the colors for different situations. Using this feature, users can make changes in the color darkness, vividness, and brightness according to their needs.

The new tablet also has dual-tone front lights that allow 4,096 colors to be more comfortable for you.

Smooth Tasks

The new Nova Air C comes with Android 11, a new powerful chip, an advanced system, and a great color screen. As a result, users get the best display possible and the tablet takes full advantage of their color E Ink.

With such a stunning display, writing down stories is just a totally different experience. Also, students who take notes and draw graphs and stuff like that will enjoy this tablet because of the colors and vividness it brings.

Then there are the magnetic accessories that just add more fun to the Nova Air C. There is a magnetic case that is available for this tablet. Not only does it brings a new design element with the whole orange color and prints but it has page-turning buttons for increased usability.

The magnetic stylus with this tablet also follows the whole design aesthetic as it comes with a jungle green shaft. It just snaps on the side of the tablet making it easily accessible any time you need it.

Key Specifications

Display7.8-inch E Ink On-Cell Kaleido Plus Screen (4096 colors) 468 (H)×624 (V) (100dpi color), 1404 (H)×1872 (V) (300dpi B/W) resolution
TouchBOOX Pen Plus Stylus touch 4096 levels pressure sensitivity Capacitive touch  
CPUOcta-Core Processor
Storage32GB eMMC
Connectivity OptionsWiFi Bluetooth 5.0
Light OptionsFront Light with CTM (Warm and Cold)

Pricing and Availability

The new Nova Air C is priced at USD 419.99 and you can buy it from Boox’s online store. With the early bird offer, you will get the magnetic case, stylus, and tips for free. So if you are a user who takes a lot of notes and need a tablet for reading and writing then the new Boox Nova Air C can be a great choice for you.

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