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Best Shokz Headphones for 2022

Finding a good set of headphones is always challenging for people who have an active lifestyle. Some have extreme noise cancellation, which can be dangerous on a road or a trail. Some have a poor fit and fall off easily; this is where Shokz headphones come to the rescue.

Shokz makes headphones designed for people with an active lifestyle. They follow a different design for their headphones. Their headphones have an open-ear design, meaning they do not completely cover your ear.

Instead, they use bone-conduction technology to deliver well-balanced audio to you. Because of this, you get an open soundstage, and an open audio experience as the environment noise also contributes a little.

You can take these headphones with you on a trail or to your gym and have the alertness to your surroundings. Other than that, Shokz headphones are also very well built, which means they will last a very long time.

If you are a swimmer, a runner, a CrossFit athlete, or a fitness enthusiast, this guide is for you. In this guide, you will find the best Shokz headphones that you can buy right now. So check out the range and get the best one for you.

Best Shokz Headphones for 2022

Below you will find the best Shokz headphones for 2022. Shokz makes open-ear headphones, so you will get a different audio experience from these headphones. Make sure you have a use case for these headphones, as they are meant for specific tasks.

The list has unique headphones for every active lifestyle use case. It doesn’t matter if you are a sprinter, a swimmer, a CrossFit athlete, or a fitness enthusiast; you will find headphones that complement your use case. So make sure to check out the entire list and buy the one that is good for you.

Shokz OpenRun Pro

Shokz OpenRun Pro

First of all, we have the Shokz OpenRun Pro headphones on the list. These are easily some of the most unique-looking headphones you will ever see.

That has more to do with the open-ear design of these headphones.

These headphones have a neckband kind of design, so they are great if you follow an active lifestyle. They are also some of the best-sounding bone-conduction headphones on the market.

In terms of sound quality, these headphones are some of the best open-ear headphones you will get. The sound quality is greatly improved on these headphones, all thanks to the new bass transducers.

They come with an IP55 rating, meaning you can use them while running or doing other physical activity. These headphones also have bigger buttons, so you get better control while using them.

If you are looking for all-purpose headphones, these can be great companions. In terms of sound quality, you can easily get around 10 hours of juice on these which is quite okay.

Reasons to buy:
  • The sound quality is excellent on these headphones
  • The controls are better
  • Very comfortable to wear and relatively lightweight
Reasons to avoid:
  • If you dislike open-ear headphones, these might not appeal to you
  • The vibrations are more noticeable on these headphones
  • They have a handsome price tag

Shokz OpenMove

Shokz OpenMove

Next up on the list, we have Shokz OpenMove headphones. These, again, are open-ear lifestyle and sports headphones from Shokz.

If you are a person who likes to work out and also loves to observe the environment around you, these headphones might be the perfect option for you.

The design of the headphones is quite sleek and classy. They have a premium build, and even then, they are pretty affordable. Despite being touted as entry-level headphones, these are some of the best Shokz headphones you will get in the market.

Talking about the sound quality, these headphones have a more detailed sound with a lot of richness. These headphones also come with earplugs so you can block out environmental noise if you want to.

The tickling vibration is also relatively less on these headphones, which users will enjoy. However, some users complain about comfort issues with these headphones after long hours of use. So maybe they are not so great for marathons. The battery life on these headphones is around 6 hours which is quite acceptable.

Reasons to buy:
  • If you love an open-ear design, then these are great
  • It has a dedicated mode for audiobooks and podcasts, which works well
  • The earplug mode is very effective
Reasons to avoid:
  • The earhook design is a bit uncomfortable
  • The battery life is average

Shokz OpenRun

Shokz OpenRun

The Shokz OpenRun headphones are just a predecessor of the OpenRun Pro. These headphones pretty much have the same design as the OpenRun Pro.

So these are the same open-ear bone conduction headphones.

The great thing is that the OpenRun are around 50 USD cheap than the Pro variant, so if you want to experience excellent audio performance at an affordable price, then the Shokz OpenRun headphones are the ones you should check out.

They have the same neckband design as the Pro version. So they do have the same design features making them lightweight and comfortable.

These headphones have an IP67 rating which is quite good. The official site says that they are not meant for swimming; still, you can wear them on a rainy day and go for a run without worrying too much.

The sound quality is balanced and consistent. The new 8th Generation Bone Conduction technology helps in delivering a balanced sound. You can get around 8 hours of battery life on these headphones, which is quite good. So make sure to check them out.

Reasons to buy:
  • They deliver a consistent and well-balanced sound
  • These headphones are comfortable and lightweight
  • They have an IP67 rating
Reasons to avoid:
  • They are a bit more expensive than the available Aeropex and aren’t very different
  • They have a proprietary magnetic charging cable

Shokz OpenComm UC

Shokz OpenComm UC

Shokz doesn’t only make headphones for people with an active lifestyle, and the Shokz OpenComm UC headset is a perfect example of it.

This is a perfect headset for people who work from home. Having an open-ear headset is excellent for long-term ear health for people who are always on calls and meetings.

These headphones use bone conduction and do not cover your ears, so they do not take long-term permanent damage.

The headset also comes with a boom mic, which also helps with noise cancellation. Then it also provides solid audio quality when you are on a call. In terms of design, these are some of the most comfortable headsets you can get on the market right now.

They also come with a USB dongle, so you can easily pair them with your PC. The headset has an impressive 16 hours of talk time. If you care about your hearing and comfort in the long run, these are some of the best headsets you can get, so check them out.

Reasons to buy:
  • Very comfortable for extended usage
  • Offer decent sound quality
  • They are effortless to sanitize
Reasons to avoid:
  • Comes with a proprietary charging cable
  • They have little to no low-frequency response

Shokz OpenSwim

Shokz OpenSwim

The Shokz OpenSwim headphones have a concrete user base: athletes who swim regularly. So in terms of innovation, these are some of the best Shokz headphones available on the market.

But again, these headphones are only ideal for swimmers. So if you go for a swim regularly, these are the ones you should be looking at.

They have an IP68 rating which makes them completely waterproof. The brand has also spent a lot of time designing these, so they go comfortably with a swimming cap.

These headphones do not connect to your mobile or some other device. Instead, they have a 4GB internal storage of their own. The storage can store MP3 songs on the device, and you can listen to them when you swim.

The sound quality is surprisingly good as they offer a clear and balanced sound even underwater. They also have an impressive 8 hours battery life which is more than suitable for swimming headphones.

Reasons to buy:
  • An excellent option for swimmers
  • They are very lightweight
  • They offer excellent comfort
Reasons to avoid:
  • Don’t have Bluetooth connectivity
  • Song transfer can be a tedious process sometimes


These are some of the best Shokz headphones you can buy in 2022. Before you plan to buy any of the headphones on the list, you must understand these are not regular headphones.

Shokz makes headphones with an open-ear design and uses bone-conduction technology to deliver sound. This means the headphones do not go directly inside or wrap around your ear entirely like conventional headphones. Instead, Shokz headphones use transducers to deliver sound. So it is a different listening experience.

However, these headphones are fabulous for anyone with an active lifestyle. If you are a person who goes for a long run and hits the wild trails now and then, these headphones will a perfect companion for your adventures.

The open-ear design of the headphones allows you to listen to both the audio from the headphones and the noise from the environment around you. So the overall audio experience is quite immersive.

The good thing is that Shokz has headphones for all active lifestyles. So it doesn’t matter if you are a runner, a gym freak, or a swimmer; Shokz has you covered. Make sure that you check out their headphones and get a unique audio experience.

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