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Best Poly Plantronics Headset for 2022

Usually, when we talk about headphones, Plantronics or Poly is not a brand that comes on top of the list. However, when it comes to headsets, Poly Plantronics headset is an industry-standard.

Some of you might be confused between Poly and Plantronics. So Plantronics is an audio brand that acquired Polycom and now they have become a new brand called Poly. So the names Plantronics and Poly are often used interchangeably.

Now, the brand has a fascinating history dating back to 1960 as they made the first headsets to be used on Apollo Missions. With such a fascinating history and reputable name, the brand is one of the best when it comes to headsets.

The key highlights of Plantronics headsets are that they are sleek in design and offer great comfort. Then they are also great in terms of audio quality as most of them come with an extended boom mic.

If you are a small firm or an individual looking for an office use headset then it is high time to try a Plantronics headset this time. Luckily, you have just landed on the right page as we have compiled a list of the best Poly Plantronics headset you can buy in 2022.

Best Poly Plantronics Headset for 2022

There are usually two cases when someone plans to buy an office headset like the Poly Plantronics headset. The first one is when you are firm and wish to give your employees some good quality headsets so that they can talk and collaborate with other users.

In another case, you might be an individual who works remotely and constantly talks to clients regarding. So you need a dedicated headset with great audio and call quality for collaboration. We have included Plantronics headsets for both use cases so that you can get the best headsets for your workflow. Without any further ado, here is the list of the best Poly Plantronics headset for 2022:

Poly Voyager 4300 UC Series

Poly Voyager 4300 UC Series

The first one on the list is the Poly Voyager 4300 UC Series and this is easily one of the best Plantronics headsets you can buy in 2022.

These headphones are made specifically for office use as they have an extended mic. So if you have a small firm or work from an office regularly, these will be good for you.

The build quality on these headphones is one of the best and they feel really sturdy.

Then the controls are straightforward on these headphones, making them seamless to use. In terms of battery life, you get around 47 hours of music playback or 24 hours of talk time on calls. Overall, they are just great for office use.

Reasons to buy:
  • The build quality is next level
  • The sound quality is great
  • Very simple to use
Reasons to avoid:
  • The cushioning is not that good
  • No ANC on board
  • A bit overpriced

Poly Savi 7300 Office Series

Poly Savi 7300 Office Series

Next up on the list, we have the Poly Savi 7300 Office series and this is a great headset if you work a lot in an office setting.

The headset offers seamless compatibility with Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Zoom, and other virtual meeting apps.

The Poly Lens desktop app is one of the best-supporting apps you will get anywhere. It provides you with tons of customization options and analytics.

In terms of design, the headset is quite comfortable. For superior call clarity during meetings, it comes with an extended mic that records a crystal clear voice. In terms of battery, you can get 13 hours of talk time with these headsets which is quite great.

Reasons to buy:
  • The battery backup is good for their category
  • They fit comfortably
  • They are available in both mono and stereo configurations
Reasons to avoid:
  • They are quite expensive
  • Feels a bit cheap in quality

Poly Voyager Focus 2

Poly Voyager Focus 2

If you move around a lot and need a headset that can allow you to seamlessly collaborate with other people then Poly Voyager Focus 2 is going to be a great companion for you.

Usually, office headsets do not focus highly on the audio quality for music but these ones are a bit different.

They have a great overall audio quality and it doesn’t matter whether you use them for calls or listening to music, the headphones are just great in every area.

The headband on these headsets is quite comfortable, allowing you to wear them easily for longer working hours. The battery life is quite great with around 25 hours of battery life.

Reasons to buy:
  • The battery life is quite impressive
  • Neutral sound, good for all the users
  • They have excellent Bluetooth multi-point range and stability
Reasons to avoid:
  • They are a bit expensive
  • Come with an outdated micro-USB charge cable

Plantronics Voyager 5200

Plantronics Voyager 5200

The Plantronics Voyager 5200 is a bit different from the rest of the headsets on the list. It is the typical mono Bluetooth headset made for calls and collaborations.

The design of the headset is quite unique and it will definitely not come off easily. Then the battery life on this headset is phenomenal.

It comes with built-in voice commands and the noise cancellation is quite solid as well.

These headsets are completely reversible so you can use them on either side. Make sure that you consider these headsets if you are looking for something like them. The talk time on these headsets is around seven hours.

Reasons to buy:
  • Great battery life
  • Have a long Bluetooth range
  • Noise cancellation is great
Reasons to avoid:
  • Not quite comfortable compared to previous versions
  • If you wear glasses then the hook of the headset might cause some problems

Plantronics Blackwire 3220

Plantronics Blackwire 3220

The Plantronics Blackwire 3220 is an entry-level headset for office use. It comes in a stereo configuration with a Boom Mic.

For most users, this is a perfect office headset as it is quite affordable and does all the basic things.

The design is quite simple and generic. Then the mic helps to capture clear audio and you can use it for some time without getting tired.

The audio performance is more than good on this headset. Overall, if you are looking for a cheap and affordable office headset, this one is it.

Reasons to buy:
  • Very affordable
  • Surprisingly good audio and call quality
  • Good comfort for the price
Reasons to avoid:
  • It is wired
  • Feels quite cheap

Plantronics Voyager Legend

Plantronics Voyager Legend

Next up on the list, we have the Plantronics Voyager Legend and this is definitely on the list of the best Plantronics headset for 2022 without a doubt. This, again, is a mono Bluetooth headset for various uses.

It has all the same features as the other Voyager mono Bluetooth headsets including a good battery of around 7 hours in talk time and then the charging case can add 21 hours, great Bluetooth range, etc. However, it does not have ANC so keep that in mind.

Reasons to buy:
  • Great for calls
  • Has a neutral signature sound
  • Excellent battery life
Reasons to avoid:
  • The design is not good for everyone
  • Has limited use

Poly Voyager Focus UC

Poly Voyager Focus UC

If you are looking for a headset that can provide you with great audio quality while blocking out external noise then the Poly Voyager Focus UC headset is going to be great for you.

They look pretty decent and have a generic yet practical design, ideal for office use. If you are a mobile professional with extensive PC/Mac and mobile communications in noisy environments, these are definitely going to help you.

The headsets come with ANC and smart sensors that can seamlessly block out external noise and you can communicate seamlessly with other people virtually.

You can get 12 hours of talk time with ANC on and an additional 3 hours with ANC off. So overall, these headsets can be your perfect office companions.

Reasons to buy:
  • Great for both calls and music
  • Comes with ANC and the ANC is really great
  • Practical and comfortable design
Reasons to avoid:
  • The price is a bit high
  • Not quite sturdy and feel delicate

Plantronics Blackwire 5220

Plantronics Blackwire 5220

Next up on the list, we have the Plantronics Blackwire 5220 headset. These are definitely some of the most affordable office headsets you will find in the market with all the features that they offer.

They come with a Boom Mic so the voice quality during calls is going to be absolutely stunning and clear.

Then they have an extension with all the controls that are connected to a PC via a USB interface.

If you work from your PC a lot and often work in collaborations then this is a must-have headset for you. The headsets also come with noise cancellation so you do get superior audio quality as well. They are great fit-wise as well so make sure to consider them.

Reasons to buy:
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Crystal clear voice
  • Audio performance is more than good
Reasons to avoid:
  • They are wired so you can’t move them much
  • They have a USB A interface with the extension so you will need an adapter

Poly Blackwire 3320

Poly Blackwire 3320

The Poly Blackwire 3320 headsets are some of the best Plantronics headsets in the market. These again are made for office use and they are very sleek and stylish.

You can easily connect them to your device and then use them seamlessly. There is an intuitive control extension that has a lot of cool features that you can use during work.

In terms of comfort, these are kind of in the middle. The cushioning and headband on these headphones are quite good and will allow you to wear them for prolonged hours.

However, the design is a bit uncomfortable for some. The call quality and sound quality are just next levels and you are going to love it for sure.

Reasons to buy:
  • The extension allows you to get a lot of controls
  • Padding on the ear cushions and headband is great
  • The microphone is flexible so you can get great call quality
Reasons to avoid:
  • These are wired so you can’t move them a lot
  • The design might not be comfortable for all


These are the best Poly Plantronics headset you can buy in 2022. They are mostly for office use as they have extended boom mics and are specially made for calls and collaborations via virtual meetings. Some of the users might get a bit confused as some of the headsets are quite expensive while some are really affordable. It all comes down to your budget and the number of headsets you plan to buy.

If you are a small firm then chances are that you will be buying them in bulk quantity for your employees. So you can go for the more affordable ones to save money as you will be buying in bulk. But if you are going to buy them for personal use and will be using them extensively at an individual level then you can get the more expensive ones. They are generally more comfortable and have a better battery and sound quality.

Depending upon your use case and the number of headsets you are going to buy, you can choose the best ones from the list. We hope this guide helps you in making a smart consumer decision and gets you some good headsets.

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