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6 Best Kodak Camera for 2023

Kodak Camera comes with a built-in flash, intuitive controls, and large optical zooms. They also have a pricing range that is quite reasonable, making them an excellent option for anyone on a tight budget.

You can’t go wrong with a Kodak camera, whether you’re just starting in photography or looking to replace an old digital camera with something affordable. There are many choices in the Kodak Camera selections, but one of the best is the PIXPRO range, some of the top cameras for newbies, tourists, and photographers in general!

Although Kodak’s PIXPRO series encompasses various budget-friendly cameras, it might be challenging to understand the variations between the many PIXPRO models. Regardless of the model you choose, deciding what features you require in a camera—such as a large LCD screen, a powerful optical zoom & various other things are essential.

The best cameras get the most use from their owners, so it’s important to think carefully about how you intend to use your Kodak PIXPRO. For instance, those who are just starting and do not require a camera of the professional level should be able to obtain the required picture quality from the sensors of the PIXPRO line.

However, those who want to use their cameras for professional reasons may want to upgrade to a full SLR camera. Although the PIXPRO range of cameras from Kodak has a smaller selection with largely budget-friendly prices, the cameras generally have a wide price range.

If you are in the market to buy the Best Kodak Camera but are overwhelmed with too many options, then this guide is for you! We know the pain it can be to sift through countless reviews when faced with many choices. So, to assist you with better insights, we have listed the Best Kodak Camera for 2023!

Best Kodak Camera 2023

You got landed at the perfect destination if you are seeking the best Kodak cameras available today that won’t set you back a fortune. Whether you’re a hobbyist trying to pick between an SLR or mirrorless camera system, a family photographer searching for something more than a simple Android phone, or both. Our objective is to help you discover a camera that meets your needs.

You must first pick the type of camera you want because they come in various sizes, dimensions, form factors, and price points. Once you have decided that, here are our best recommendations on the Best Kodak Camera for 2023!



Kodak PIXPRO AZ901 is a brand-new super-zoom compact camera with an amazing 90x optical zoom lens and an effective focal range of 22–1980mm.

This camera is a great pick for anyone who enjoys taking many pictures, especially if you want high-quality, sharp pictures that you might want to print out and exhibit in picture frames or on bigger canvases in the future.

You can capture crystal clear photographs and videos with incredible, razor-sharp detail, a top-notch 20 MP BSI CMOS sensor, and a 22mm wide-angle lens! You can truly get near to objects, landscapes, architecture, and more with the camera, thanks to the 90x optical zoom. Additionally, it brings 5 fps multi-burst and a huge 3″ articulating LCD.

Like DSLR, the AZ901 has a big grip for your right hand & a big lens on the left. The camera has a sturdy plastic structure & a secured hinged screen. You can easily use one hand to take photos and videos with the camera’s outstanding form, allowing you to quickly and spontaneously capture good moments.

Reasons to buy:
  • 90x Optical Zoom Lens
  • Ultra-wide-angle 22mm Equivalent
  • Electronic Viewfinder
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Control with Smart Device
Reasons to avoid:
  • Not Great Color Performance
  • Large Size



The KODAK PIXPRO WPZ2 Digital Camera makes the ideal underwater companion. It can work well as an underwater point-and-shoot camera that delivers instant results after pressing a single button.

Although it’s not as efficient as those high-end DSLR cameras, it can provide the desired precise underwater shot.

It has many great capabilities, including Macro mode, a 16MP CMOS BSI sensor, 1080 P HD video, and a few underwater-friendly modes. What fascinates everyone is that it has a total of 24X reach thanks to its 6X digital zoom and 4X optical zoom of 27-108 mm.

The rugged WPZ2 was designed to be used over water with shockproof & dust-proof features, just as Kodak advertises! The camera only captures JPEG images, and its 1080/30p movie mode can capture slow motion at 120 frames per second. In addition to traveling with you, your tough WPZ2 can record your travels in a high-definition video to help you tell your tale more eloquently.

Reasons to buy:
  • Brings 4X Optical Zoom
  • Has Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 2M Shockproof Rating
  • 2.7″ 230 K LCD Monitor
Reasons to avoid:
  • Supports a Maximum of 32 GB SD Cards only



One-for-all and all-for-one camera with a tonne of capabilities at a fair price are the formidable Kodak PIXPRO AZ652. With this, Kodak ensures its clients a good camera with its amazing 20-megapixel camera and 65x optical zoom.

The Kodak AZ652 is a great pick for your pocket whether you’re a blogger who needs clear, crisp images for your blog posts or a photographer who loves to record everything around you. The AZ652’s 65x optical zoom gives you more than enough opportunity to focus closely and up close to your objects.

The amazing thing about Kodak PIXPRO AZ652 is that it is the perfect bridge between a DSLR and a compact digital camera. It has all the functions found in any DSLR camera while being lightweight and small. In automatic mode, the camera may adjust every setting to the photographer’s environment.

With burst shooting at 5 frames per second, the AZ652 can catch your subjects’ energy. Professional photographers who want to use manual settings might have their demands met by the Kodak AZ652. It also features beginner-friendly automated modes. This camera is a multipurpose tool that should work with most budgets.

Reasons to buy:
  • 65x Optical Zoom
  • Electronic View Finder
  • 20MP CMOS Sensor
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
Reasons to avoid:
  • Limited Dynamic Range
  • Poor Battery



With its 52x powerful zoom, more than 20 scene modes, and other incredible features, Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom 528 stands out from the competition as a bridge camera between the point-and-shoot & DSLR.

These features allow you to take stunning photos and videos with customized exposure, focus, and white balance.

With this potent mega-zoom lens, you can capture the action without being in the middle. 52x optical zoom guarantees that you will see everything clearly and precisely as if you were there. This camera allows you to capture stunning videos as well.

Due to its 1080P high-resolution video recording capability, the AZ528 is now the vlogging camera of choice for most YouTubers. The AZ528’s 60 frames per second shooting speed enable you to catch every moment of the action without skipping a beat.

Another excellent feature at your disposal is the ability to capture high-definition 1080P video with only a quick flip of the dial. To effortlessly upload and share your perfect photos to the world while on the go, connect the KODAK PIXPRO AZ528 Astro Zoom bridge camera wirelessly to your smart device.

Reasons to buy:
  • Supports Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 52x Zoom
Reasons to avoid:
  • No Optical View Finder
  • No Optical Zoom

5. Kodak PIXPRO AZ421

Kodak PIXPRO AZ421

The AZ421 captures high-resolution photos with a 16.15-megapixel 1/2.3″ CCD image sensor and a 4.3-180.6mm lens (the equivalent of 24–108mm in 35mm format), making it ideal for everything from wide group shots to far-off wildlife.

The AZ421 has a built-in pop-up flash unit that can add light as necessary for operating in low-light situations. Additionally, there are other specialized functions, including a 180° panorama mode.

In the animal, bird, and astrophotography niches, the Kodak Pixpro az421 is a very well-liked tiny camera that has managed to establish itself with a fantastic reputation.

The camera uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery and can store these photos and videos on SD/SDHC cards with a maximum capacity of 32GB. Eye-Fi cards are also compatible with the AZ421.

Due to its low price, the camera keeps becoming better & better, but in our opinion, you should only choose the Kodak AZ421 if you have a limited budget.

Reasons to buy:
  • Superb picture quality
  • 16.15MP 1/2.3″ CCD sensor
  • 3.0″ LCD
Reasons to avoid:
  • Does not support memory capacities greater than 32GB



The PIXPRO AZ401 is a bridge camera, which means that while it is significantly more professional than a simple point-and-shoot camera, it falls slightly behind a DSLR.

This camera has a 4.3 to 172 mm lens and can optically zoom up to 40 times. The camera has a 16.15MP 1/2.3″ CCD sensor, making it appropriate for many situations.

Its 3-inch LCD with 460K dots makes it simple for photographers to preview media. Camera blur is reduced using an anti-shake optical picture stabilization device. For illuminating subjects, it has a flash. Nevertheless, it relies on troublesome AA batteries.

The AZ401 has a fair amount of manual control flexibility despite being marketed for novice photographers. Naturally, you may enable the camera to decide on the settings automatically with the automatic mode. There is also a Mode dial on top if you wish to explore more complicated settings.

With its affordable pricing and powerful zoom range, the Kodak PIXPRO AZ401 is like a siren that draws you to the shore. It is unquestionably a high-quality camera, yet it is incredibly affordable!

Reasons to buy:
  • Long Zoom Range
  • Splendid 460K-dot 3-inch LCD
  • Good Expandable ISO Range
Reasons to avoid:
  • Slow & Inconsistent Focus
  • Short Battery Life
  • Uses AA Batteries


You want a camera that is not only portable but also excellent because you travel a lot, right? Maybe you’re a beginner photographer looking for the best camera to start with, or maybe you’re just looking for the highest-quality Kodak camera you can find at a fair price.

Whatever your motivation or preferred style of photography, anyone who enjoys the occasional snapshot can attest to how challenging it can be to locate the ideal camera. The KODAK PIXPRO AZ652 will be your ideal bridge camera if you search for a top-of-the-line model.

The LCD screen of the AZ652 can be modified, which not only helps to protect the screen but also gives you more creative freedom in your search for the ideal shot. This Kodak camera has your back whether you want to take high-quality selfies or wild twists!

It is a fully equipped camera with all the necessary functions, making it a trustworthy performer in terms of specs and modes. Therefore, buying the Kodak PIXPRO AZ652 will be a perfect choice if you’re thinking about replacing your outdated Kodak camera or planning a trip, and it won’t take up much space in your luggage either!

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