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Best Backpack 2022 for Travelers, Professionals, Students, et al.

A sturdy, comfortable and spacious backpack is a trusted companion in the modern world. Whether you are a hiker, traveler, professional, or student, carrying your essentials in a reliable backpack takes the cake over regular bags, briefcases, or suitcases.

Who needs to risk the terrible situation when the wheels of your case break and you need to drag the bulky thing along as you search for your destination? Imagine the chaotic morning when you are getting late for work and your laptop, charger, keys, and notebooks topple out of your damaged briefcase onto the pavement.

Owning a high-quality backpack can insure you against such situations since it typically lasts several years. Another significant advantage is that backpacks are infinitely easier to carry, protecting your back and shoulders from injuries.

Today, you can find a wide variety of backpacks in the market, catering to different budgets from around $20 to $80 and above. Kinds of bags include large, rugged products with roomy compartments and mini backpacks designed for everyday items and accessories.

Selecting the Right Backpack: 4 Essentials

So, how can you purchase the perfect backpack for your needs? Your requirements will vary based on your prime goal – to carry a bag to the camp, gym, campus, office, date night, etc. Here is a round-up of crucial things to consider:

Even weight distribution

A superior backpack should divide the weight of your contents uniformly across your body (back, hips, chest, and shoulders). Ideally, you should not feel bogged down by the weight or discern any painful pressure points when walking. Look for padded back, back straps, hip straps, and cushioned shoulder pads.

Some bags also offer padded hip belts and sternum straps for extra support. Your need for weight support will depend on the capacity of your bag. Usually, large bags intended for traveling (25l or more) need more padding and cushioning to keep your back comfy.

Long-lasting material

The material of the backpack you choose must be durable and soft to touch. Many brands use polyester lining for its water-resistant properties. If you are going to weather harsh conditions, you should look for anti-tearing, splash-resistant, and breathable material.

PU fabric is an option if you need to cut costs and don’t plan much outdoor time. The weight of the material and overall product is also a factor – it is best to look at lightweight bags in the range of 1-4lbs.


How many pockets, chambers, organizers, etc., does your backpack need? It is a busy world, and no one has the time to sift through the contents leisurely. Choose a bag that comes with zippered pockets, side pockets for bottles or umbrellas, laptop sleeves, key fobs, etc. An anti-theft provision is also a sensible idea for travelers.


The market is flooded with unisex backpacks. There is no reason not to get one if it suits your requirements and matches your style. However, for heavy-duty bags, picking a gender-specific product can be useful. For instance, many men’s bags account for broader shoulders. Some women’s backpacks consider tailored needs like date nights, cutesy designs, compartments for accessories and makeup, etc.

Best Backpack 2022

Selecting the right backpack is salient for your overall health. Back and spinal cord injuries are becoming commoner by the day, especially in this time of virtual workplaces. Purchasing a sturdy but comfortable backpack that understands your customized needs is a decision that can safeguard your future – no kidding.

Below is a list of some of the best bags in the market for professionals, travelers, students, casual users, etc. It will elaborate upon your choices, the budget to consider, and the primary features. From big brands to cheaper products, classic styles to experimental models, let us check it all out.

1. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

matein travel laptop backpack

Reasons to buy:

  • Multiple compartments and a luggage strap
  • Anti-theft pocket for extra safety
  • Built-in charger and cable

Reasons to avoid:

  • Laptop pocket lacks adequate padding

At $29.99, the grey Matein travel laptop backpack is one of the most comprehensive buys befitting different users – business people, students, professionals, and airplane hoppers. You can use it to store your laptop (13-15.6”), daily items, gadgets, and accessories assured that the anti-theft pocket keeps your contents safe.

The multiple compartments and hooks – for pen, keys, etc. – help keep your things organized and simple to locate on a busy day. The material (polyester) is water-resistant and built to last, making it perfect for personal use and unisex gifting.

It is a soft, foam-padded, and lightweight (1.56lbs) backpack with lots of ventilation and support for your back and shoulders. You can comfortably carry 97-144lbs depending upon the size you choose (5.35-5.91 feet). A particularly charming feature of this backpack is its luggage strap. It makes the bag easier to lug around. The external pockets are handy, expanding as needed to store umbrellas and bottles.

Do you primarily want a laptop backpack? If so, you will enjoy the inbuilt charger and cable. You can fuel up your devices while walking based on your access to power. That is quite a nod to both style and convenience!

2. Fjallraven Kanken Mini Classic Backpack for Everyday

fjallraven kanken mini classic backpack

Reasons to buy:

  • Stylish and well-planned compartments
  • 100% Vinylal material to repel water and dirt
  • One of the lightest bags at 0.5lbs

Reasons to avoid:

  • Has only 7L capacity
  • Expensive buy at $69

If you are a fan of Kanken, you will like the Fjallraven Kanken Mini Classic backpack for everyday use. It is a mini version of the original and comes with plenty of space (7l) for all your daily essentials. This backpack uses 100% Vinylal – an innovative, dirt- and water-resistant material. It makes things easier when carrying your bag along for travels and adventures. There is a rain flap, keeping your items safe in downpours.

Fjallraven has thoughtfully built this backpack with a main zip compartment, front pocket, and side pockets. From sunglasses and wallets to food and your camera, everything can go right in. The shoulder straps can get adjusted, and you can use the top handles to carry your backpack in a hurry. It is an ultra-light possession (only 0.5lbs), which means it should not weigh you down too much as you go about your day.

At $69.94, it is not an inexpensive purchase. But it makes sense for enthusiasts of the brand – a name that has been around since 1960 and is much-loved in travel circles. It is also a good buy for anyone looking for a spacious backpack that offers oodles of style.

3. JanSport SuperBreak One Backpack – Lightweight School Bookbag

jansport superbreak one backpack

Reasons to buy:

  • Best bag for students
  • Thoughtful front pocket with web haul handle
  • Beats industry standard for abrasion and water resistance

Reasons to avoid:

  • Lacks versatility for different users
  • Zipper quality could be a concern

It is the go-to option for those seeking an affordable and durable backpack to carry to school. The JanSport SuperBreak One backpack – a lightweight school bookbag – costs $36.00 and offers plenty of substance for its price. It uses 100% polyester material (handwash only), which is water-repellent and abrasion-resistant. In fact, the company manages to up the industry standard for abrasion and water repellency by three times.

JanSport is known for its classic front pocket for your utilities. It comes with an inbuilt organizer and a web haul handle, making it quick to retrieve whatever you are looking for amid a rush. The organizer lets you choose a place for everything, cutting chaos.

This backpack comes in several colors, allowing you to pick your unique style. It is a highly reliable bag; audiences have favored it for more than 50 years for durable construction.

Since it is a lightweight bag (0.66lbs) built to sustain different weather conditions, you can comfortably take it to school and outdoors. A 15″ shoulder drop and padded back panel keep you snug. It also limits your chances of developing backache and shoulder pain from carrying a heavy bag throughout the school day.

4. The North Face Women’s School Jester Laptop Backpack

the north face womens school jester laptop backpack

Reasons to buy:

  • Innovative flex vent technology to support back and spine
  • Can stand up without support, simplifying retrieval
  • Ample space for your belongings

Reasons to avoid:

  • Very expensive at $80
  • Not designed to be unisex

Those willing to stretch their budget for a stylish, voluminous bag with approval from the American Chiropractic Association are in luck. The North Face Women’s School Jester laptop backpack will cost you around $80 but offers several benefits to boot. A charming feature of this backpack is how it can stand up without support – what a win to make organization and retrieval easier!

With the North Face bag, you can experience simplified storage for all your belongings. It has zip pockets, a sleeve for your tablet, and a fob for keys. Plus, you get water bottle pockets and a bungee system at the front that gives you extra storage. This backpack comes with a padded laptop sleeve to keep your device safe in case of bumps and falls.

With back and spinal issues dangerously on the rise, the flex vent technology of this bag is a blessing. It employs a flexible yoke for the shoulder straps, a padded mesh panel for your back, and a sternum strap. The ergonomic lumbar panel keeps you comfortable and lets your skin breathe.

Capacity-wise, you get 27.5l – plenty for everyday essentials and then more. The recycled polyester material (600D or 300D) is durable and water-repellent, ensuring you can carry the backpack with you wherever you go.

5. Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack

tzowla travel laptop backpack

Reasons to buy:

  • Multipurpose bag suitable for different users
  • Anti-theft provision with password protection
  • Offers a USB port and a headset

Reasons to avoid:

  • Lacks specialized technology to support your back
  • Build quality could be better

If you are hunting for an all-rounder unisex bag, then this $29.95 Travel Laptop Backpack water resistant anti-theft bag is a worthy choice. It is a spacious bag with many compartments for your essentials, including a laptop (up to 15.6”), accessories, and gadgets like iPhone and iPad.

The front pocket is divided into nooks for your pens, keys, etc., which makes it simple to fetch whatever you want in a hurry. The best part about this bag is its versatility. From students to hikers, many users find it appropriate for their lifestyles.

This backpack comes with a USB port and a headset. So, charging and listening to music becomes convenient and keeps your hands free. The anti-theft provision of this bag is an intelligent addition – you get a password lock and metal zippers that are not easy to tamper with.

The design frontier is impressive, with wide shoulder padding and a sturdy luggage strap. The polyester material is long-lasting and suitable for day-to-day use. It adds to the overall usability of this backpack, helping it adapt to different audiences with varying needs – campus, workplace, public transport, etc.

6. The North Face Vault Backpack

the north face vault backpack

Reasons to buy:

  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Flexible yoke and lumbar support for back and spine
  • American Chiropractic Association approved

Reasons to avoid:

  • Expensive purchase at around $60

Here is a cheaper option from the North Face family that can be yours at $58.95. The North Face Vault backpack is a contemporary, sturdy backpack that can stand by itself and has special features to care for your back and shoulders. Its intuitive Flex Vent technology with adjustable shoulder straps and a padded back panel has earned it approval from the American Chiropractic Association.

The flexible yoke and breathable lumbar support prove to be very helpful for anyone facing – or likely to suffer – back and shoulder problems due to the stressors of the modern world. This bag also has a sternum strap for additional support and handles at the top to let you pick it up quickly.

From the organizational perspective, you get several pockets, a sleeve for your tablet, a key fob, and compartments for water bottles. And oh, there is a daisy chain too. All in all, the capacity is 26l, so that is quite a lot of space for daily essentials and add-ons for longer trips.

The backpack material – recycled polyester (600D) – is another winner here. It offers water-repellent properties and a high degree of durability to last you a good, long time.

7. Rockland Double Handle Rolling Backpack

rockland double handle rolling backpack

Reasons to buy:

  • Offers wheel motion for easy carriage while traveling
  • Telescoping pull handle for convenience
  • Plenty of pockets for all your objects

Reasons to avoid:

  • Heavier than other bags featured here at 3.69lbs
  • Not ideal if you dislike the bulk of wheels

How about a backpack with wheels for convenient travel? The Rockland Double Handle rolling backpack is a 17” backpack with four sturdy inline wheels. The wheel design enables rolling motion – always swift and easy on your body when carrying a load.

This bag comes with two zip pockets, mesh pockets on the side, and an inbuilt organizer to store diverse belongings. The side pockets are particularly beneficial; you can pop in last-minute items like water bottles and get going.

This unique backpack comes with two handles – a fabric one and a telescoping pull one. The latter can get stowed away when not needed. If you extend it, it becomes straightforward to lug along the case. It is just what you need in a crowded airport or station. When you need to park it somewhere, the plastic stand at the bottom helps keep your bag upright.

At $35.64, this backpack is not too expensive. It is also light at 3.69lbs, thanks to the polyester material. The build quality is appropriate for travel – think of different weather conditions, rough handling, etc. In the year to come, it is worth your consideration for any trips you may be planning, from weekend mini-breaks to hikes in the great outdoors.

8. IHAYNER Girls Fashion Backpack

ihayner girls fashion backpack

Reasons to buy:

  • Cute, stylish and vibrant
  • Ideal for gifting to the women in your life
  • Has well-planned pockets for makeup, keys, etc.

Reasons to avoid:

  • Not designed to carry heavy things or traveling
  • Does not have a laptop compartment
  • Lacks a unisex appeal

This one is a pretty choice for those looking for a compact, chic backpack for everyday use. The Girls Fashion backpack mini backpack purse for women uses artificial PU material and is handy and colorful. At $24.99, it offers you ample space for short trips, shopping expeditions, dates, etc.

Besides the main compartment, it has open pockets, a wall pocket, and pockets on the exterior. You can store things like your keys, phone, makeup, etc. Note that it is too small to keep your laptop or tablet, so that can be a deal-breaker if you must carry your computer along.

The material, although inexpensive, looks premium and feels soft to touch. Plus, the inner lining is well-made and durable. Complete with a cutesy Pompom pendant, it makes a safe choice for gifting too. That sure is welcome news this festive season.

While the target audience is likely young, this backpack can make a classy accessory for women of different age groups. With some care and periodic cleaning with a soft cloth, it should last you quite a while. (The maker also advises avoiding exposure to chemicals and heat.)

9. Champion Manuscript Backpack

champion manuscript backpack

Reasons to buy:

  • Best bag for athletes, gym-goers and teenagers
  • Inexpensive buy at around $28 only
  • Can fit devices and laptops of different sizes

Reasons to avoid:

  • Strap durability is a potential concern

The Champion Manuscript backpack is designed with athletes in mind, so it is perfect if you want something to take your stuff to the gym. As a brand, Champion is renowned for catering to the needs of athletes as they go about practicing and playing. But it is also an elegant choice for school-goers and little trips outdoors. The big embroidered logo is classic; it is an aesthetic that goes well with different environments. Multiple color options make it easy to customize your backpack.

The bag has many compartments to store your belongings. There is a front pocket, an organizer inside, and a side pocket for your water bottle. A laptop sleeve lets you keep your computer safe. It can fit devices of many form factors, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere and get assured of some damage protection in case of falls.

The backpack comes with padded straps (and back) to keep you comfortable. At 1.04lbs, it is light and easy to carry. Moreover, it is a cheap purchase at just $28.47. It should fit right into your budget if you are unwilling to splurge on a backpack but want a high-quality product.

10. Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

modoker vintage laptop backpack

Reasons to buy:

  • Uses tough 600D nylon material that doesn’t tear easily
  • Offers an external USB charging port
  • Affordable price of just $29.99

Reasons to avoid:

  • Length of straps might be unsuitable for some users

Well-planned compartments and excellent fabric set the $29.99 Modoker Vintage laptop backpack for women, men, school, and college apart. It uses 600D nylon fabric that is scratch- and water-resistant. It is also lightweight and less prone to tearing, making it a wise choice for travelers. If you plan to take it to a weekend getaway, the gym, camping, etc., it should still be an intelligent choice on a budget.

The pocket design (primary and secondary) is handy and suitable for storing all kinds of items like books, keys, cards, etc. You can keep your laptop, provided it is up to 15.6”. There are as many as six compartments here with a total 25l capacity, so all your things should have their spots. It will not be hard to fit in things like umbrellas, magazines, and notebooks.

The Modoker Vintage backpack offers an external USB charging port. It is super-convenient as you can charge your devices on the go. Say yes to long walks, hikes, and weekend holidays! Design-wise, it is a comfortable product with a 15″ shoulder drop. A padded, adjustable back-strap allows you to fine-tune the bag to fit your body.


From laptops and tablets to journals, bottles, magazines, and spare clothes, you can stuff all your things in the confines of a dependable backpack. Some users prefer a large bag that holds their things and can stretch for more, while others prefer a carry-on.

Today, you can find modern products with anti-theft chambers, USB charging ports, and headsets. It makes traveling the world easier without fretting about losing battery or fiddling about with your hands to check on stuff all the time.

Established brands like Kanken, JanSport, and The North Face offer much-loved designer options for those who wish to side with the tried and tested. You can experiment with new sellers; many have created choices with features like rolling motion and built-in organizers. Multiple colors, from classic to statement shades, allow you to customize your bag per your style and the occasion. It also works if you wish to find the best backpack for gifting this holiday season.

The need to carry your world with you is urgent, particularly as we navigate remote working/studying and connecting to our roots in the wilderness. Buying a backpack is a loaded decision, no pun intended, so choose well.

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