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Beats Studio Buds are now available in three new colors: Ocean Blue, Moon Gray, and Sunset Pink

The success of Apple’s AirPods headphones is undeniable. However, the firm also owns the Beats brand. The Beats Studio Buds are world-record-breaking headphones – “The fastest-selling Beats product worldwide to date,” as just announced by the brand. The Beats Studio Buds headphones include active noise cancellation but cost less than the AirPods 3rd generation, which does not, and significantly less than the AirPods Pro.

So many people have purchased Beats Studio Buds headphones for their iPhones. Apple’s Beats Studio Buds wireless earphones were first released in June 2021, and now the line is being updated with three additional colors.

The Beats Studio Buds were previously available in red, white, and black colors. The additional hues Ocean Blue, Moon Gray, and Sunset Pink join the current black, white, and red selections. As a result, there are now six different colors to pick from.

New Summer Hues

As the brand has featured in the previous color choices, the earphones provide active noise suppression and a transparency mode, among many other functionalities. Moreover, considering that Apple now sponsors beats, the earphones are compatible with iOS. The new models will be available throughout the country of the USA for $149, which is the same as the previous variants.

The Beats Studio Buds are equipped with a special acoustic platform that produces balanced sound. It also includes Active Noise Cancellation, which aids in the suppression of unwanted external sounds in loud environments.

External noises can degrade the performance of an earphone; therefore, this feature is also beneficial when listening to music. Moreover, Beats Studio Buds have taken the Transparency Mode from Apple AirPods, which may be utilized to hear ambient sounds.

The capability allows users to talk on the phone without taking the wireless buds out of their ears, an essential characteristic of the Beats Studio Buds. Notably, while Apple sells all three new hues, anyone looking to purchase from a third-party vendor will have to look around.

News reports that Amazon will sell the Moon Gray headphones while Best Buy will sell the Ocean Blue earbuds for unclear reasons. Target is the only place to go if you want to get your hands on the Sunset Pink color.

What’s more?

New functionality is offered by Beats for Android phone consumers in addition to the new colors. Android users will be getting a new set of functions and a new appearance. The Beats app for Android will soon have “Locate My Beats” and Product Widgets.

You can include them on your front screen to keep an eye on battery capacity or access multiple listening modes (noise cancelling, transparency), and you can use the “Locate My Beats” feature to track down your misplaced Studio Buds or any other earbuds that are compatible with the Beats app.

It implies that the Find My capabilities previously only available to iOS users will also be offered to Android users. It allows you to get battery life statistics, manage listening modes, and locate earphones. Furthermore, these modifications will apply to any Beats product that is interoperable with the Beats app, not only Beats Studio Buds.

The price remains unchanged at $149.99 (£129.99 in the UK), while some of the older colors are still offered for less—Black, Red, and White are all available for purchase on Amazon for $119.99 or less.

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